Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Blast from the Past

Whilst visiting my Dad at Christmas he brought out some old photos he had found when he was rummaging through some draws. Looks like he found some long lost photo's of my old ZX-9R from the late nineties. Good times.

First pic is the bike at Dad's place.

Interestingly enough this second picture was taken on the day of Dave's wedding in Orange in central Western NSW.

God we look young in that pic, christ he even has hair, thats how old this is. Must be somewhere around 99 or 00 before I had the R1.


  1. youse were so young and handsome...zx9 a top bike

    1. Why thanks Geoff, I think thats the kindest thing you have ever said...

  2. ha ha just noticed the simpsons t shirt