Sunday, May 29, 2016

Live to ride, ride to lunch

Sometimes when you go for a ride and you really just wanna have lunch instead, yep today's ride felt just a bit like that. Bushpig suggested a ride up the Putty Rd and back. I needed to be home by 3pm to pick up the kids so my heart wasn't in it for a big ride, I wanted to ride but not a big ride.

So plans were hatched for a short ride up through the twisties at Colo and then come back and take the Sackville Ferry across the Hawkesbury River and on into Wisemans Ferry for lunch at the pub. Sounds like a good plan to me.

I took the below pictures with the burst mode on my Samsung Galaxy S6. The camera on this phone is pretty darn good, almost as good as my point and shoot camera if not as good.

All of this riding was making me hungry and thirsty so we decided it was time to head back down and get on the ferry and cross the river and head to the pub for lunch.

We both ordered the beef pot pie and a beer to wash it down with. They do an excellent feed at the Wisemans Ferry pub and sitting out the front watching the world go by and seeing all the bikes coming and going is fantastic.

It was about quarter to two by the time we got going again as we turned the bikes for home. I had to get home to pick up the kids as we were headed out of town tonight and Bushpigs destination was for the Pendo to drink more booze. It was a great Autumn day out with unseasonably warm temps in the mid twenties(75°F).