Thursday, July 31, 2014

New Zealand Slideshow

After our epic trip to NZ in Feburary this year, which feels like it was years ago now I had a whole heap of photo's left over from the trip from the gopro. I thought I'd throw them together into a slideshow and put them up here.

The first one is of Arthurs Pass.

The Crown Range Road

Followed by Lewis Pass

Lastly is Buller Gorge

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Is it spring yet or still winter? I can't tell!

With our on going warm winter weather Bushpig and I decided to go for a ride today out to Oberon up in the NSW Central Tablelands. I was a bit hesitant at first picking this location for lunch as it snowed up here 2 weeks ago and riding up through the Blue Mountains in the middle of winter could be freezing cold. I shouldn't have been concerned as it was bright blue sky's and great riding weather, today's max in Oberon was a barmy 10°C it felt more like 15°C. It was a little cool at speed but otherwise a great day.

We headed up bells line of road today, the sun was shining bright which brought out the vibrant colours of the walls of the canyons in the Blue Mountains today, they were quite spectacular. I didn't stop to take photos of them today but I have before and you can find them here.

Bells Line of Road

We cross over from the Bells Line across to Mt Victoria and down through the esses and onto the great western highway. I didn't want to stay on here for long so I decided to turn off at Cox River road and ride the back way out to Oberon. Its a pretty good little back road, but has about 5 kms of dirt, but very good dirt with a great surface. Don't agree that there is such a thing as good dirt, then why would I be doing 100kmh on a dirt road on a sports bike? It soon turned back to tar and we blasted our way to the top of the valley and onto Jenolan Caves road. This little back road put you out right near Hampton. 

Blue Mountains in the distance

It wasn't long before we turned off Jenolan Caves road and then onto Duckmaloi rd for the short 24km blast into Oberon. A brief stop by the road and we could see first hand the amount of logging that goes on around here. The hills were bare for miles, but I guess we need to make guitars out of something. Both myself and Bushpig were famished by now so I suggested we hit the pub for a counter lunch. I had a steak sandwich with bacon and egg which hit the spot.

Duckmaloi Rd 

It wasn't long before we had arrived in Oberon at around 12:30 we refueled. Anyone notice that this must be one of the most expensive places in NSW for premium petrol? We met a couple of guys riding a Blackbird and another bike at the pub,they'd ridden up from Crookwell. They were just leaving as we got there. I think the food at the Royal Hotel is better than at the Tourist Hotel. We left Oberon at about 2pm and it was starting to get noticeably cool, especially in the shade. We pretty much back tracked our route the way we had come with a couple of quick breaks along the way.

Cox River Road
Coming back on the bells line on the way home, I came upon a line of 3 cars in the twisties, it was an 80 zone. There was an overtaking lane coming up and I thought it would be a good spot to get around them. The car in front of me pulled out to overtake the other two cars, I followed him out and as I got to the back of the lead car I noticed it was an unmarked highway patrol, I sat out in the breeze for a bit just behind him I was doing an indicated 85. He waited and watched me. No I'm not going to go past you, look at the other car that is leaving you for dead, do something about that mate. After about another minute he took off like a scalded cat and 2 bends later he had the other car pulled over. Ha I chuckled in my helmet for awhile about that.
Bellbird Hill Lookout

Here's the map of todays ride. Not a big ride at 320kms but a nice winters day riding.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bad Drivers

There are some seriously fucken hopeless fuckers out there that should not have a license. Seriously what the fuck.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Winters Day Ride

Up until last week we had had a relatively mild winter so far with 20°C days but then the real winter weather struck with some temps down near 0°C over night. Still the days have been ok in the high teens and still good weather for riding.

Bushpig suggested a ride which was on the cards for the last couple of weeks except something kept getting in the way. I'd text-ed Brad as I hadn't seen him for awhile(better remedy that with a BBQ soon mate). He said he'd come but I had no idea what bike he now has. Last time we rode he had a VTR1000 but had sold it. So it was a big surprise when he pulled up at my place with a brand spanking new beautiful Z1000. Mate I love your bike. I'm so jealous right now. I'd love to ride it. It's been on my new bike shopping list for a couple of years now and you've done nothing to quell that thought.

It was a cool morning but it had warmed up just nicely for the trip up the Putty road. Along the way we were passed by Batvomit on his 998 Ducati going the other way. I don't think he noticed us. Stewie stopped in at the Grey Gums Cafe even though Bushpig said we'll stop at the old half way house for bacon & egg rolls. On the way out of GGC Brad caught up to us. Hey looking sharp there on that spiffy new Z thou mate.

We eventually stopped in at the old half way house and all ordered bacon & egg rolls washed down with a drink. It was so relaxing standing out in the warm winter sun. We stood around for about 30 minutes just admiring the bikes, chatting and eating our lunch, before Bushpig had the call for an after ride beer. Good call mate. It was a fantastic winters day for a ride, not to cold at all. Good riding with my mate Brad on his new Z1000. Terrific bike, he looked chuffed to bits. Now to just wrestle that key off him.....

On another note it was also the first ride out since the new lane splitting laws have been introduced here in NSW. I must say it is now so much more fun to legally lane split and it feels like you have to do it now that it is law. It certainly does get you places a lot faster, especially travelling along Windsor road with its big wide lanes. Brad was splitting like a mad bastard on the way back, we only caught him at the Seven Hills lights.