Friday, June 28, 2019

Star Wars - Rise up the rectum

This is  little out of left field, but I've loved star wars since I was a little boy all those years ago and here are my thoughts on the current state of affairs in all thing star wars related.

Star Wars - New Hope - Watched hundreds of times 
Empire Strikes Back - Watched Hundreds of times 
Return of the Jedi - Watched Hundreds of times

a few years later

The Phantom Menace- watched hundreds of times 
Attack of the clones - watched hundreds of times 
Revenge of the sith - Watched hundreds of time

a few more years later

Rogue One - Brilliant - watched it heaps of times 
The Force awakens - watched once - tried to watch it again fast forward the boring bits and ended up watching 20 minutes at most and was completely disappointed at how bad the story was. Complete failure 
The Last Jedi - Lost interest and couldn't be bothered to watch, never seen it 
Rise of Skywalker - Hand me another beer as I have no interest and won't waste my money on it. 

Disney sell it back to Lucas so he can give us the real star wars......

Some of the you tube fan films are better than the multi million dollar disney effort.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Wheelie Wednesday

Yep its that time, wheelie wednesday. Pic taken at Sydney Motosport Park (SMSP) on the weekend. I went out and did a little shooting on the Queens Birthday because.......thats what she'd do.