Friday, July 3, 2015


For those of you that may follow my blog but don't know my brother or follow his blog I'm putting up a  tribute post to him and the amazing achievement he has just made by doing the Tour Divide 2015. Don't know what the tour divide is? Well it's a mountain bike race from Banff Canada to Antelope Wells, Mexico some 2700 miles(4345km).

That may not sound like much but let me give you a few facts.

  1. It is a race
  2. It is over 4345km
  3. It is through grizzly bear country
  4. It's on a push bike
  5. It is total self supported(no support or race crews)
  6. The first couple of days was in bitterly cold conditions with snow
  7. The sunburn even with cream
  8. Over 61,000 meters of climbing
  9. His bike doesn't have an engine(the crazy mofo)
  10. There were bears - a New Zealand women had to fight one off.
  11. Scorching heat in New Mexico in the high thirties
  12. There were 156 starters but 47 have pulled out at a 30% attrition rate
  13. He finished it in 20 days and 3 hours and 29 minutes

Mate we are so proud of you here and you have achieved one of your long life time dreams, ticked that fucker off your bucket list. What next?

The extent of the tourture
PS Your bike seat is going to seem like a lounge chair compared to my new R1 seat. What were you complaining about seriously?


  1. That's incredible Steve and warmest congratulations to Dave! Something only us mere mortals can only dream of. Must send the link to my old boss who won the over 60's world mountain bike endurance championships a couple of years ago, he'll be thrilled!

    1. It sure is a big acheivment Geoff, i couldn't imagine even attempting something like that. I am sure he will write it up on the blog once he is back. Should make interesting reading.

  2. Congrats to Dave on such an amazing achievement!

  3. A truly awesome achievement - can't wait to read about it. I did nearly 32km last Saturday on my MTB...

    I bet that bear got off 2nd best to the Kiwi girl too!

    1. 32km hey i think he was doing 250km days. Yeah thats more like motorbike territory i think.
      i believe the kiwi girl was crapping herself and rightly so. Scarey stuff

  4. I followed his progress everyday on their tracking website, and was rooting for him. Still can't believe he did it as a rookie. Such a great accomplishment. Big kudos to him.

    Have you talked to him yet? I imagine his 'before' and 'after' picture of him would have quite a difference.

    1. I haven't spoken with him yet, just some facebook posts so far. His family flew over to meet him at the finish line and they are still there in touscon i believe.
      He posted up a after photo and he is a shadow of his fomer self.