Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Suzuka 8 hours 2015 2nd hour highlights

Casey Stoners return to racing didn't go quite as expected at the Suzuka 8 hour but whats even worse than his crash was the pasting he's coped in social media and some press around the world stating outstanding quotes like

"Whats the moaner going to blame this on"

"Did your ambition outweighed your talent again Casey?"

To the Stoner knockers you can all go and fuck off. He's a 2 time world Motogp champion. Fucken keyboard warriors and they probably can't ride for shit.
Casey said the throttle stuck open, and you can clearly see he has a problem at 1:02 pulls in the clutch and you can hear the engine bouncing off the rev limiter. Honda later confirmed that the throttle was stuck at 27%.

Get well soon Casey, wishing you all the best here from the Road to Nowhere.

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  1. Yeah, bad luck for him. Hope he heals fast and doesn't worry about the dickheads. He exposed them for what they are - MotoGP is as corrupt as soccer. They must quake in their boots every time they visit the US, wondering if they will get pounced on.