Thursday, December 29, 2011

Look what santa brought........

Merry Christmas and happy new year to all . I hope santa was good to you all this year.
I know he was good to me. Look what he got me.......

No new bike but a shiney new camera to take pics and videos whilst riding my bike. Thanks santa!


  1. Oooooohhhh, just think of all the fun videos you'll be making. What shall you video first?

  2. Good stuff, you will really enjoy this stuff, when my partner asked what wanted I said a new pair of tyres......he just sighed!

  3. New camera is a great start for the new year. Looking forward to your first moving pictures. Happy, healthy and safe New Riding Year.

  4. Not sure what I'll video first. Looks like I'll have to organise a ride very soon to test it out.

    Happy new year all.

  5. Very Nice!!!!! I'd like to try something like that someday. I scored a 500GB portable hard drive to store more pictures than I could ever take.

  6. Nice, very nice. You are going to have fun with that. Two things.... good luck with finding a good way to mount it to your bike (much better than fixing it to your helmet) and second leave plenty of time to edit the videos afterwards, because you will need it!

  7. That big mother suction cap will hold it on your belly pan for Stoner-esque angles. Looking forward to what you can come up with Bro.

  8. Garry - your right finding somewhere to mount it is harder than it looks.

    I'm not convinced the suction cap will hold on at speed out in the breeze and all.

    Looks like I will need to get some sort of video editing software. I took a quick lap round the block and the vid size was near 600mb.

  9. I suspected you would find those two things a challenge. Okay, I can help. As for mounting, read this....

    There is a lot to read, but get to the end and look at the Cardelinni Clamp. If you can afford it, go for the Cardellini clamp solution – it is far better than any other I have found. Personally, I wouldn’t rely on the suction mount – I did try it, but never felt really happy that it wouldn’t come off.

    Regarding the file sizes, I too had the same issue. Having experimented a lot and read the advice of others using GoPro’s I learnt to set the resolution to the r2 setting, which is 720p on my cameras. This is plenty good enough for my uses of posting videos on my blog / YouTube. Click on the YouTube link in the right panel of my blog and see the quality I get. I suspect you might have yours set higher?

    Yes, you will need editing software. I use Adobe Premiere Elements, but it is pricey and fiddly, but I am used to it now. Chris Luhman of the Everyday Riding Blog ( showed me how easy it was to use the editing software he uses, but I cannot remember what it was called. Contact him and ask - it might be a good place to start.

  10. Gary - Thanks for the great advise, your blog has come in very handy again.

    Some of those clamps are for tubular frames and unfortunately on an R1 there are no circular tube frame parts anywhere. Its even hard to find a nice flat section of fairing to stick it to.

  11. Hey go Santa,

    He also got me one of those.

    Cant wait to see your footage.

    Heres my youtube link, subscribe and i will subscribe back to ya.