Monday, June 28, 2021

The Lord of the Procrastinators

It was 6 years ago last thursday that I bought the 15 R1, so a facebook memory reminded me during the week. It's also been 12 months since I sold that R1 and started looking for another bike. It's been a long frustrating process on many levels and I'd considered many different bikes and their strengths and weaknesses, practicality and fit for purpose as they say. 

There's many and varied reasons I haven't bought a new bike yet, COVID, lack of the folding stuff, and choice are the main reasons. COVID has slowed us down in doing anything and prices have been sky high on new and second bikes due to that. People are hanging onto their bikes or wanting astronomical prices for them. 

There's been little choice of new bikes available due to COVID in the new bike market with show rooms mostly empty and no discounts due to the limited stocks. I've been saving my paso's to afford something and well to be quite frank there is so many good bikes now available that it's been so hard to actually choose something.

I've watched just about every bike review and long term test video on youtube in the last 12 months. To the point of not knowing what I should get. Quite the confusion for someone that has only ever ridden fast sports bikes. So I ended up doing nothing for quite some time. You might say I'm the lord of the procrastinators, this post has been 12 months in the making, take that procrastinator wanna bees haha.

Riding a sportbike long distance is no longer practical for my flabby 48 year old frame. It's bearable on my 00 R1 sports tourer but that bike is no longer reliable enough for big trips and I'd really prefer something comfortable. Don't get me wrong I've had an absolute blast riding sportbikes for the last 28 years but it's now time for a change.

My criteria for a new bike has changed quite considerable from what I've been used to. As I still have the 00 R1 I don't require a balls out fast machine by any stretch. Most of my riding these days is within 20kmh of the speed limit anyway. I want a comfortable and upright bike, ABS, Traction control and can be ridden on dirt roads when required and for 20K or less. Not ruling out second hand here either.

So I'd narrowed my search down to the following bikes.

Yamaha MT-10

Pros: Naked R1, Engine & chassis, great handling, cruise & traction control/abs japanese reliability.
Cons: Ugly, Heavy on fuel, limited off road ability, price.

Yamaha MT-09 Tracer GT

Pros: Comfortable, panniers, sweet sounding triple engine, cruise & traction control/abs, Japanese Reliability
Cons: limited off road ability.

Yamaha Teneree 700

Pros: Good off roader, Japanese Reliability
Cons: No tech, no cruise control, lacking in power during overtaking on road.

KTM 790 Adventure

Pros: Class leading off road ability, cruise & traction control/abs
Cons: Ugly, European reliability, low down fuel cells, expensive european parts, price.

Africa Twin

Pros: cruise & traction control/abs, Japanese reliability,  off road bias 21
Cons: Weight, Price

Suzuki VStrom

Pros:  Japanese reliability, road biased 19 Front wheel, 
Cons: Lack of tech, no cruise control, lacking in power during overtaking on road.

If you've read to here then this is about the sixth time that I've attempted to write this post. If your wondering why then go back to the top and read this post's title again.

Everyone has been asking me when am I going to be buying a new bike and what am I going to get and up until about 1 week ago I still hadn't decided, until now. I can confirm one of those bikes on the list I have  put down a deposit and paid for last week. 

I was supposed to pick up the bike today but in an Ironic twist of fate Sydney suddenly got put into a two week COVID lockdown on saturday night at 6pm, meaning that greater Sydney cannot leave the city unless work related. The bike is outside the Sydney metro area, D'oh as Homer Simpson would say.

Foiled again, all this time to wait and decide, trigger pulled and now I can't pick up the bike for another 2 weeks possibly 3 depending on what happens.

Good things come to those who procrastinate wait.

Hopefully next time I post up there will be a new steed in the garage.




  1. Woah it's going to happen.

    If you are the lord of the procrastinators then I am one rank down, the baron.
    I've got another bike round up I've been writing sitting on the blog about replacement of the FJR which I keep talking about - my problem is opposite, so few suitable bikes since I like sport tourers which is a dying (dead?) category.

    However I am excited to hear a new bike is coming your way Steve and look forward to reading about it.

  2. Get it shipped, then you can at least sit in the shed and look at it. 🧐

  3. Looking forward to seeing your choice Steve! One of my close mates has the MT 10 SP. Maximum of 250 km per tank and that's taking it really easy! I'm picking that your choice will be an adventure bike, assuming that you'll keep the R1. No idea what it will be but as long as it appeals emotionally, it doesn't matter. Yep, it's hard to make choices with so many good bikes on the market. Same with cars. I should be able to make a post about buying a classic car in a few days after several frustrating weeks :-) .

  4. Waiting with baited breath. Hope it's not the KTM or you won't be able to afford to ride/fix it - but mainly because it'll make Geoff James' day ;)

    Probably not the 700 Tenere as they seem to be impossible to get these days (NZ's #1 selling bike and world wide demand outstripping supply - or so I've heard).

    So enjoy that AT...

  5. All will become clear shortly......

  6. I'm hoping it's the MT but thinking it's the AT....

  7. well its gotta be a big bike to haul your lardarse around

    1. Thanks mate, I knew I could rely on you for encouragement and support

  8. hurry up and put another post up im bored

    1. Well I might have to procrastinate if I should post again, maybe I should or maybe I shouldn't . Cant decide right now......

  9. Has your email address changed Steve? I sent and email to you but it has bounced back. My email address is unchanged if you like to contact me then I can be certain I have the correct address.

    The suspense is killing me, I'm guessing AT.

    1. Hi Jules. Yeah we changed over internet providers late last year. I send you a message.

  10. So, how is that new bike going? Lol.