Sunday, October 9, 2016

Old Road Ride

Saturday morning was shaping up to be a good one weather wise so a quick phone call and a ride was organized, nothing like last minute planning. I'd quickly got ready checked tyre pressures and oiled the chain and was off to pick up Bushpig.

He wasn't quite ready when I got there which was good as it gave me a chance to give the R1 a bit of a sponge bath as I hadn't had a chance to wash it since the last ride and it was pretty filthy I must say.

Squeaky clean, almost
Plans were hatched for a shortish ride as my rear tyre was shot, I have booked the R1 in for it's 10k service on monday and a new set of tyres, this will be the fourth set. So we decided on lunch at Wisemans Ferry pub and then take the Ferry across the Hawkesbury river and ride along the river to the Old Pacific Highway and then back home.

The Wisemans Ferry road from Cattai to Maroota has been hot mixed and is now as smooth as, needless to say this was a fantastic ride through here until we turned of and had to over take some Harleys riding so slowly they were holding up a learner driver. Stopping in at the pub for lunch we were surprised there weren't many bikes here today, there were a couple of nice looking Indians.

Hammer Time

Ferry or Fairy

Crossing over the Ferry I'd noticed they were operating two ferry's today, I don't think I've ever seen two ferry's in operation before, maybe it's to cater for all the extra spring traffic?

There was quite a few bikes going through at a reasonably slow pace so we stopped for secret men's business and to let them go so we could have a free run with the traffic. The road surface hasn't improved much in the last few years between the ferry and central mangrove, it's tight rough and a lot of blind corners with drive ways on the other side so it was a cautious ride.

It wasn't long before we got around to the Old Pacific Highway which used to be one of my favourite roads, but has now become a lambs to the slaughter type thing between bikes and the highway patrol. Its sad because its such a great piece of road but now with ridiculously low speed limit 60 kmh for most of it with just a small section from Brooklyn Bridge up the hill is 80 kmh. That's probably why we only come up here once a year. Anyway a quick stop off at the tunnel for a piccy and we were underway again headed for the Road warriors cafe.

Tunnel of love

Oh look what I found lets thrash it!
 There were only a handful of bikes at the road warriors cafe today. We stopped to take on some fluids and just to take a break. It was eerily quiet on the old road today on such a good day as well. Wonder where everyone is? Ah well that's more open road for us then.

 On the way up from Brooklyn bridge towards Pie in the Sky is some of the sweetest set of twisties anywhere. Hot mixed asphalt with 2 lanes heading up the hill and one lane down. I'd notice there was a couple of photographers parked on eddies corner so I combed facebook after the ride and found these gems.

The last two photos thanks to Tee Jay Photography.


Knee down action on the Old Pac