Monday, March 14, 2011

Ride Aborted

Had organised a quick ride on the weekend with my mate Brad. I thought that i would take brad up the old road on saturday morning as i havent been up there for about 2 years and thought i'd check it out. Also brad has only just returned to riding and has only been out a few times, so i  think it would be good for him. Well, met up at his house and headed off, noticed he stalled it a couple of times within 1km of his house, pulled over and he said the VTR wasn't idling properly. Maybe hasnt warmed up properly..... well he wanted to swap when we got to castlehill, and what happened? It was running like it was only on one cylinder, not idling, no power on acceleration had to rev it to 4-5 thou to get it of the mark, definetly something wrong here. Brad called it a day and we went back to his place, pulled the tank off and opened air box. Fuel in air box = bad mkay. Pulled plugs out, one looked good and the other was all wet. Not good.

There went my plans of a nice ride up the old road. Ah well theres always next time.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My First Blog

This site is based around my favourite hobby of riding sports motorcycles, not always at high speeds, far from it some of the most fun can be had at below the legal limits. The Tawonga Gap comes to mind about now. 30kms of twisties from 25kmh - 65 kmh bends. Sigh i wish i was there now.....motorcycling nirvana.

I have been riding motorcycles for about 15 years now, my brother got me hooked on it and i've been riding ever since. It doesn't matter where or when or even why any chance to get out for a ride, rain hail or shine. As a matter of fact some of the more memorable rides have been in poor conditions like the time my brothers wife decided to come to Philip Island with us on the back of his ZZR600 it was her first trip on the bike, somewhere between Sale and Bairnsdale in the pooring rain we had just overtaken a couple of cars along a straight stretch i looked across to Beck and she gave me a wave. She looked fairly dry being on the back, but i wonder what she would have thought if she knew we were doing 160Kmh in the rain?

Or yet another trip in the rain coming back from Philip Island GP, the headlight on my ZX-9 had shorted out due to rubbed wiring under the tank, coming up the great alpine road in the rain, i realised that i wasn't going to make it to MT Beauty that day, far from it(badly misjudged that one) it started to fall dark between swifts creek and omeo. I ended up following a car into Omeo the last 20kms in the dark, in the rain, no head light just following the car in front using his head lights.......but once i got there found a nice cosy room at the pub and had a great night drinking beer and chatting with the locals.

Stay tuned for more motorcycling Hijinks.....