Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Broke as Fuck Government fines itself

In a simply stunning move from NSW Police(government department) they have fined another Government department Australia post for two fines in the one day.

One of NSW finest officers fined a NSW Australia Post worker for riding his bike on the footpath delivering the mail. Australia Post workers are exempt from NSW laws banning drivers from the footpath provided they follow certain rules.

Mr Jackson was wearing his regulation helmet, hi-vis and riding an Australian Post bike loaded with mail at the time. Mr Jackson told the Policeman if he can't ride on the footpath he can't do his job.But his argument fell on deaf ears and received a $330 fine. Then the policeman followed him back to the post office and fined him for parking on the footpath.

You know the government is broke as fuck when they start targeting their own workers delivering services to the Australian public. This is absolute lunacy from the NSW police. You would have though the Station Sergeant would look at this and throw out ridiculous shite like this on grounds of commonsense. Well seems like NSW police don't have any common sense anymore and are just tax collectors.

Luckily enough common sense eventually prevailed at the end of the day and local Magistrate Feather told the court the police officer must have been having a bad day. Both fines were dismissed at Wyong local court six month after they were issued.

It's a win for common sense and just goes to show how low NSW Police have stooped. Watch out everyone. Yep our government is broke as fuck.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Post Classic Racing Association Rnd 3 - SMSP 24-6-2018

Round 3 of the Post Classic Racing Association was on at Sydney Motorsport Park today so I decided to head out and take the camera for a little practice. I'm starting to like this taking photo's of bikes lark, well why not if I'm not riding them I may as well be taking photos of them. Also the smell of that castrol R 2 stroker smell, I can't get enough of that.

Here's a few of the pictures I took, hope you enjoy them.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Vivid 2018

Last weekend was the Queens Birthday long weekend here in New South Wales which is good and bad. Good because we get the Monday off work and bad because the NSW Gestapo er Police roll out their double demerits to relieve you of even more points from your license. So the bike wasn't coming out this weekend.

So instead this weekend in Sydney we have the Vivid Festival which is on every year from 25th May to June 16th. Vivid is a festival of light, sound and ideas and is also free. We travelled into the city on Sunday night staying at the Marriott in Circular Quay. The weather was a little inclement with passing showers throughout the night. Unfortunately for me I forgot to take the tripod for my camera. Most of the photos I took didn't turn out too well so here are some of the best almost passable photos I took.

The photo above and below were both in fairly low light conditions, there was definitely less light to the naked eye than you can see in the actual photo so I was a little surprised at them to be honest.

At around 6pm when the darkness has fallen the light show got underway. It finishes at around 11pm so there's plenty of time to see all the displays. The Opera house is always the centerpiece of the display.

Circular Quay

Marriott Hotel - We were slumming it here tonight

Darling Harbour
We caught a Ferry around to Darling Harbour for Dinner and the girls were treated to fire works before returning to our hotel at Circular Quay.

The next morning the girls decided we would have breakfast in the Rocks area down near the southern pylons of the Harbour Bridge. It's a very historic area of Sydney that you can see on earlier posts on my blog. After this we visited Observatory Hill before making for home.

and thanks for reading.