Sunday, July 24, 2011

As Hard as Nails

The Isle of man TT has come and gone again for another year. These brave riders are to be considered gods amongst us ordinary motorcyclists. Unfortunately 3 of these brave riders died at this years event. RIP. They all know the dangers and i think that is what draws them and us into it as motorcycle riders, the thrill and adrenaline rush that comes from riding flat out.

The 600cc R6 were topping out at 170MPH, thats fast in any bodies language but then there are trees, fences, houses, rock walls right at the edge of the track. Absolutely no margin for error. I would love to ride on this road at speed(my speed not theirs). It looks like an awesome road.
Thats some serious air there.

This year Mick Doohan went to the Isle of Man TT and participated in a parade lap of the course.
Ian Hutchinson, Mick Doohan, Nicky Hayden, Cal Crutchlow, Josh Brookes - Isle of Man 2011

Here's what nicky hayden had to say about his lap.
Nicky Hayden:
“That lap was pretty awesome. We weren’t going fast but the speed we were doing while waving at the crowds was pretty fast! I really enjoyed my lap and seeing another form of racing, these boys are hard as nails.

Might  have to get out for a ride soon, it's been to cold, to sick and away from town to do any riding.