Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Blogger Interface

Man how crap is this new blogger interface.
They've put all the buttons in different places so you cant fucken find them. There doesn't seem to be anything new, they have just moved everything for the sake of it.

Fucked just like microsoft.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Where does your bike live?

Flyboy at A view from above has sent out a challenge to all us bikers to show where their bikes live when we are not riding them. Post your link up on his site when you have posted yours. So here's a few pics of where my bike lives in my man cave.

It's a bit on the messy side and the bike usually is under a cover so it doesn't get dusty.

Let me point out a few of the features of my man cave. Out the back door of the garage we step out onto the deck which surrounds our small but enjoyable pool. Just have to be careful I don't roar into the garage to fast otherwise it could all end up at the bottom of the pool. On the left we have a futon lounge which folds down into a bed if needed.(Which it hasn't yet thank goodness.)

On the left just past the R1 you can make out the Beer keg's next to the fridge and freezer. On the front of the fridge you'll notice the tap for the beer. Its pretty sweet having your own beer on tap at home. Just past the freezer but hidden from view is my trusty BBQ which gets used 2-3 times a week. Up on top of the fridge is a small 34cm TV so I can watch when I'm cooking on the BBQ whilst having a beer. In fact now that I think about it I could live out here, it's got everything I need except a shower and toilet. I'm sure that when the wife reads that I'll be in the shit!

Georgia wanted to sit on the bike so I lifted her up and onto the seat. Once she was up there she wanted to get off again, something about being scared. She could almost reach the foot pegs but was a long way from reaching the bars.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Stoner Gear

Looks like my merchandise has arrived, wooh hoo this will look great up on the wall in our lounge room.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kangaroo Valley

Kangaroo Valley is on the list as one of New South Wales best motorcycle rides. I'd find it hard to argue against that as I have ridden here many times in the past and will continue to do so into the future. I had to travel down to St Georges basin down near Jervis Bay during the week for work. I could have chosen the main Hwy down the coast but I'd rather drive a great biking road than go along a boring Highway. So I packed the camera to take some pics for this blog.

Besides the scenery is spectacular when you descend Barrengarry Mountain coming into Kangaroo Valley from the north. The views through the tree's is awesome although there was to much fog down low this morning to see anything. There are about 10 kms of steep winding mountainous road descending down to the valley floor. This is great fun riding.

Once you reach the valley floor you soon come into Kangaroo Valley township. There was much fog about this morning as I came through here. The whole valley floor was covered as you can see from the following pics.

As you leave kangaroo valley village the road climbs back up the side of Cambewarra Mountain. There is lots of fun to be had on this twisting section of road. The road winds along for about 12 kms until it comes out at Bomaderry near Nowra. I like the look and feel of the hills here kind of sub tropical rain forest like.

The best part about riding through Kangaroo Valley is that there are many other great bike roads nearby. I like to incorporate the ride up through Macquarie Pass with a stop at Robertson Pie shop for a break and a pie. I also like to do Jamberoo Mountain road and combine all 3 roads together into one pretty sweet ride.

Here's a pic of me on these curves taken about 5 years ago. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

In Loving Memory

This post isn't a motorcycle related post but a tribute to one of my close friends.

After seeing one of my closest mates who I have known now for 10 years, VTR Man yesterday he told me that his dad had passed away the night before. Although I have never met VTR mans parents I am well assured that if the old saying is true 'that like father like son' then he must have been a good man.  From myself and our family we are thinking of you mate.

The following song is by one of my all time favourite bands. It was written by guitarist Mark Tremonti after his mother died. Its called......

Thanks for all you've done
I've missed you for so long
I can't believe you're gone
You still live in me
I feel you in the wind
You guide me constantly

I've never knew what it was to be alone, no
Cause you were always there for me
You were always there waiting
And ill come home and I miss your face so
Smiling down on me
I close my eyes to see

And I know, you're a part of me
And it's your song that sets me free
I sing it while I feel I can't hold on
I sing tonight cause it comforts me

I carry the things that remind me of you
In loving memory of
The one that was so true
Your were as kind as you could be
And even though you're gone
You still mean the world to me

I've never knew what it was to be alone, no
Cause you were always there for me
You were always there waiting
But now I come home and it's not the same, no
It feels empty and alone
I can't believe you're gone

And I know, you're a part of me
And it's your song that sets me free
I sing it while I feel I can't hold on
I sing tonight cause it comforts me

I'm glad he set you free from sorrow
I'll still love you more tomorrow
And you will be here with me still

And what you did you did with feeling
And You always found the meaning
And you always will
And you always will
And you always will

And I know, you're a part of me
And it's your song that sets me free
I sing it while I feel I can't hold on
I sing tonight cause it comforts me

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Glorious Autumn's Day

It was April fools day today and the second month of Autumn. Well bugger me you would have mistaken it for a nice summers day not Autumn at all. You could not have asked for a better day. Pity there was a bit of a  mix up with the starting time and daylight saving also thrown into the mix. There was the 3 of us on today's ride, perfect.

Wayne had got his Ducati back from the shop after the 'incident' back in November. The bike was repaired and waiting to go for awhile, it was more his foot needed healing up and he was ready to get back into the swing of things. He wanted to go for a ride up the Putty Rd, as soon as I'd heard that I was in. Being one of my favourite rides and all.

There must have been at least 30 bikes at the servo at Wilberforce this morning for our fuel up before heading off. And there was a lot more on the road ahead. Luckily most of them either we passed, or they passed us or they pulled into the Grey Gums Cafe. We continued on without stopping until we got to the 10 Mile section of twisties. When we stopped to set up the camera's I found my 32Gb memory stick on the ground where I had dropped it on the last ride! Still there in the same spot 2 months later.

We stopped at the tav for an early lunch and cool drink, it was only 11:00am by the time we got here. I love sitting out the front of this place and just chillin out and watching all the bikes go by. And there were lots of bikes going by today.

This pub is at the bottom of the Hunter Valley which is renowned for it vineyards and great wines. I like how they have a grape vine growing over the front of the veranda at the pub for shade. There were still grapes on it but they looked a bit past there used by date. The leaves give off some pretty colours when in the right lighting

It was then back down the same way we had come, the run back down was not as good as the run up to lunch as on the way back we got stuck behind some cars for a little while. We then decided to pull into the Grey Gums cafe for a quick break. There were lots of bikes here when we went past about 2 hours before and there was still lots of bikes here.

The Colo heights section of road is another good piece of tarmac on this road. This is filmed from the northern end coming down towards the river.