Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Road to Nowhere Images - a shameless plug

I decided to make myself an Images page on facebook where I can post up some of the images I've been taking at the track and around the place. I spent ages trying to come up with a name for it, I even emailed back and forth to my older bro for ideas and I must say he had a whole stack of them. Sadly I didn't like any of his suggestions so spent another month or two mulling over my lack of imagination.

So I finally came up with the original name of Road to Nowhere Images as the title of my new facebook page. There is a link now at the top of the page on the right hand side, just click on that and 'bam' you will be viewing pure motorcycle porn.

Here's the link

With the final round of the Australian Super Bike(ASBK) championship coming up at Sydney Motorsport Park(SMSP) on the first weekend in November the championship currently is the closest it's been in years. With 4.5 points separating the top 3 riders the racing is bound to be a spectacle as everything will be on the line. The current standing are as follows.

  1. Troy Herfoss - Penrite Honda Racing - 241 Points
  2. Wayne Maxwell - Team Suzuki Ecstar - 238 Points
  3. Mike Jones - Desmosport Ducati - 236.5 Points
  4. Cru Halliday - Yamaha Racing - 222 Points

I visited SMSP on Sunday as there was a ride day on and the ASBK boys were out practising and doing their final bike prep setup before the final round in 3 weeks. Should be a fantastic day of racing. Sadly the ASBK series in Australia has practically no support from the general motorcycle public in this country with only handfuls of people turning up. I'm not sure why that is but the racing is generally fantastic and you can actually get right up to the pit garages. I'm looking forward to getting out there(fingers crossed the missus hasn't double booked us). Hope to see you out there.

Here's a few teaser shots from sundays track day. I bet the A group regulars got a shake up.

Mark Chiodo

Wayne Maxwell

Daniel Falzon

Cru Halliday

Troy Herfoss

Max Croker

Wayne Maxwell

Josh Waters

Alex Phillis