Monday, August 31, 2020

Problem Sorted

 About a week ago I got a call to say that my carby manifolds had turned up and to bring the bike in. So I dropped the bike in a couple of saturdays ago to Terry 'Doc R1' Sullivan so he could inspect the carbs.

Terry was recommended by a whole bunch of people on facebook, and with a business name like Doctor R1 then I was pretty sure my bike would be in good hands.

Terry works out of his garage, which is great because it keeps costs down. Meeting him was like meeting an old mate and talking about bikes. He knows his R1's backwards, he was an ex-Yamaha Australia mechanic and worked on their race bikes. There's nothing this guy doesn't know about R1's. Great I got the right guy on the job then. Terry races 2 x 2000 R1's on the drag strip.

I told him the whole history of the bike and he told me everything that goes wrong with them. It's a bit frightening actually. Touch wood I haven't had many issues with the bike to be honest.

He pulled down the carbies and number 3 and 4 jet were blocked, the o rings had also perished and number 1 needle was replaced as it wasn't seating properly and was letting more fuel in than it should.

The o rings have gone hard and cracked so got replaced and the manifolds are all hard. They haven't perished yet but wouldn't be far away from it, they are rock hard and will probably crack very soon.

Terry also did a compression test on found that number 4 cylinder was down to 160 while the others were at 170. About normal at this age he said and he has seen worse. He tested it hot and found number 4 was down to 120.

I'll get the valves checked on the next service I think and go from there and see what happens.

He synced the carbys and all was running well again. 

I picked it up saturday as the boys were going for a ride up the Putty road. I eagerly picked up the bike and met the guys at the cafe in Windsor before departing and heading up on a glorious sunny morning. Temps were in the low 20's perfect riding weather.

Geoff and Wayne headed back home from Grey Gums cafe whilst Stu, myself and Scotty did the 10 mile and the loop through Wollombi and Peats Ridge. The bike was running superbly through the twisty sections and I started enjoying the ride. It did get a little spirited.

The fuel light came on at 261kms and 20 km's later we pulled in at Peats Ridge for fuel. It only took 14 Litres. I could have ridden another 80kms before running out, but didn't feel much like pushing.

On another note I still haven't decided on what type of bike I'm likely to get. I'm now shying away from naked bikes and either looking at a sports touring machine and also been looking at adventure bikes. Shocking I know. The wait continues........