Thursday, December 29, 2011

Look what santa brought........

Merry Christmas and happy new year to all . I hope santa was good to you all this year.
I know he was good to me. Look what he got me.......

No new bike but a shiney new camera to take pics and videos whilst riding my bike. Thanks santa!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Favourite Five 2011

Roger our kiwi mate has asked everyone that follows his blog to show their favourite five photos for the year. So here are my favourites from this year also being my first year at having a go at making a blog.

On our recent trip to New Zealand I snapped this picture whilst in Christchurch. To say that this place was a mess was a real understatement. Lets hope that they can pull it all together sooner rather than later. I somehow took the pic in Black & White with Yellow contrast. It turned out really Erie which at the time was entirely appropriate.

My next favourite photo was taken in the Bat Cave, at Jenolan Caves. I had never been here before and thought they would have been small caves not humongous ones you can drive a bus through. I really like the silhouette of the bike against the background.

The next one is a shot of me and my Daughter at Mt Cook in New Zealand on our holiday. Just a magic moment in magic surroundings.

The next pic was taken by my mate Geoff on our recent trip along the Bylong Valley Highway.

The last photo was taken on a ride earlier this year when a semi crashed into the centre barrier and exploded. You don't see that sort of thing every day.

It's been a ripper of a year and I have had a great time riding, and now some extra motivation by doing this blog. Also reading all the other great blogs out there is giving me more motivation to get back out there and do even more riding/blogging.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

You pissed me off, you bastard

I can feel a rant coming on.......

Every motorcyclist out there has probably experienced some of these things that car drivers do to us that really pisses me off and makes me think you bastard, where the f*#k did you get your license from. Maybe they really do come from cornflakes packets.

Here is my top ten list of things that car drivers do that really pisses me off. In no particular order....

10. When following a car along on a highway that has a lot of bends and it is very hard to find somewhere to over take, and they are to inept to drive their vehicles properly and drive at 85-90kmh instead of the 100 limit. Then as the road straightens out and comes to an over taking lane they speed up to 110-115kmh either making you really speed to get round them risking your license in the process, before the lane ends or sometimes if there are a few cars you don't get past and get stuck before the over taking lane ends then as the road has narrowed they then promptly slow back down to 85-90kmh again. This one really gets me when I am in the car as it doesn't accelerate as good as the bike but is still annoying on the bike. You really pissed me off, you bastard.

9. When riding in traffic on a multi lane road and you are passing a car and whilst watching them they suddenly change lanes into your lane cutting you off and for the bonus moron points they don't even indicate. I was watching you and you didn't even turn your head to look in your side mirror or check your blind spot. And no I am not a rider that just sits in cars blind spots. You pissed me off, you bastard.

8. Again sitting in traffic in a small gap between cars and the traffic is moving, the car in front decides that he needs to wash his windscreen. Yep you guessed it, his crap box car shoots water straight over his window and sprays your visor causing your vision to go to shit. You pissed me off, you bastard.

7. You are riding along on a twisting road enjoying the moment, keeping on your side of the road when someone in a car/4wd coming the other way decides that the bit of road your riding on is theirs. As if they didn't already take up enough room they want your side as well, putting you into an emergency of picking the bike up to avoid hitting them then laying it back into the bend so you don't run off the road. Stay on your side of the road moron it's not really that hard. You pissed me off, you bastard.

6. When riding along a street following a car, the car starts to brake. Why are you braking. Start looking around and nothing in front of the car. Are you turning? Are you about to do a U turn. Are you pulling into a drive way? Are you stopping to drop off a passenger? How about using some indicators to let other people know what your intentions are. You pissed me off, you bastard.

5. Approaching an intersection a car pulls up at a give way and you have right of way. Then the car suddenly pulls out in front of you causing you to make and emergency stop if your lucky and get away with it. And their convenient excuse of 'sorry didn't see you' makes my blood boil. How about looking next time. You pissed me off, you bastard.

4. When riding along in traffic and there is a car in the lane next to you they veer across into you lane. When you look and see what the heck is going on they have their phone stuck to their head talking or texting behind the wheel. Pay attention. I have also seen people in traffic doing their hair/nails, shaving, reading the paper whilst driving, watching a DVD that was on the centre console, You pissed me off, you bastards.

3. When following a car and it indicates to turn left and there is a dedicated turning lane for them to turn from they still continue in the same lane and fail to use the turning lane, so everyone behind has to slow down just because they are to lazy to drive properly. Also have you noticed that most of these car drivers also start to brake before they put their indicators on which goes back to point 6. You pissed me off, you bastard.

2. Tailgating. I hate cars that tailgate me whilst riding. Leave a gap ya Karn. When riding in the rain have you noticed that car drivers don't slow down. In fact here in Sydney I reckon they drive faster and I see many car drivers doing 80-90kmh on the M4 motorway with less than 1 car length between them in the pouring rain. Lots of cars tailgating and sitting right behind you. In the wet the bike doesn't stop as well so I leave a bigger gap and cars are always jumping into it taking away my braking buffer zone. You pissed me off, you bastards.

1. Cars that sit in the overtaking lane that are not actually overtaking anyone. On a road where you have 2 or 3 lanes there is always someone driving in the right hand lane and usually going slower than the centre lane. They refuse to move over and so you usually end up undertaking them. You pissed me off, you bastard.

There's my rant for the day. I got the inspiration for this rant after reading another blog I found called YOU PISSED ME OFF YOU BASTARD