Sunday, January 30, 2022

Back Roads to Home

So I was due to go to Canberra for the kids softball tournament but due to the Omicron variant surging the tournament was cancelled and I had a couple of extra days leave. I was going to go home and visit my Dad for a few days to help out as he is in his 80's and not getting about as well as he used to. So I thought I'd ride the bike out there and take all back roads.

The weather wasn't looking great for Friday, I wasn't concerned as I wanted to test the water proofing of my textile suite, I've not used it in proper rain yet only a short light shower last Snowy ride.

First stop was for much needed coffee and a not needed hot apple pie from Mountain Bells Cafe. These apple pie's are superb.

I was the only customer at the cafe this morning, looks like the rain or threat of it has kept everyone away. 

Just after leaving I got into thick mist/fog with wet/damp roads and temp was a cool 15°C. What happened to summer?

 It was a bit hard to see far ahead. I turned down Darling Causeway and then turned again and went down through Hartley Vale and into the back of Lithgow where I made my way out past Lake Lyell and onto Tarana and the back roads to the west.

Through Barry, Neville and out at Mandurama the weather had cleared up and the temp was now rising up now to around 30°C. I didn't get a chance to test my gears weather proofing. Entering Woodstock it was 1pm the pub looked inviting. I rode past........

But soon did a u-turn and came back. I was hungry and thirsty. Man is not a camel.

I'd ordered one of their finest hamburgers and an ice cold beer. Yeah that beer tasted even better than it looked.

After my nice lunch break I did a quick look around. Not much has changed here in the last 20 years. 

I think I was illegally parked in front of the pub, as everyone else was parked around in the side street. I noticed a bus stop sign near the end of the verandah. Local copper must book all the locals parking out the front as they seem well trained. Not me I'm a slow learner.....

It's been a very long time since any trains have been through Woodstock. There were even tree's growing in-between the tracks.

Next up was the ride to Wyangala dam, this road I have ridden on many times as it was one of the nearest winding mountains roads near to home back in the day. Its a good little ride and quite scenic too.

All the cows were standing around looking at me wondering what I was doing. Nothing to see here, move along.

These rocky hills around Cowra on the way out to the dam are unique and beautiful, its a bit rare. I don't see rocky hills like this much around my travels in Australia. The dam wall is now insight.

The road across the dam wall has been blocked to all traffic and you now bypass through Wyangala township.

You shall not pass.

The dam levels is high at 100% now and was in flood condition in the middle of November due to all the rain. This year has been a very wet summer.

No water coming out of the spill way now however.

It was hot standing in the sun in black motorcycle gear and I was ready to get going. I was going to have to stop in Cowra for fuel. 365km for 15.4L, the petrol pump said I put in 14.4L. Could have come close to making the 90kms to Forbes from here, but didn't feel like pushing the bike in this heat just to prove a theory, there is beer to be had at the other end.

The last bit from Cowra to Forbes is quite boring as it gets flatter and the road straightens out. So I set the cruise control and droned along thinking about getting a beer when I get to Dad's.

Riding around the lake coming into town and I come across this beautiful site. The walk ways around the lake in Forbes sure is a pretty spot.


  1. Back roads are the shizzle - but no gravel?

    Ah well, looks like a fun ride anyways I 'spose. Keep up the good work.

    1. Yeah not much gravel, but on the plus side now my road tyres are shot and I need some 50/50 tyres so gravel roads will feature some more.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks mate, hope you had a good Christmas/New Year. Did you make it home to visit family or still stuck in Japan?

  3. I love that last photo. I always get a photo of my bike (pushy or moto) by the lake when I am out there these days. Don’t forget to get one by the Vampire too.😎

    1. Nah didn't take any shots of the jet as I'd taken them a few years ago. It needs a good paint job.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks mate, we better get you and that new bike of yours out for a ride.

  5. good lord has everyone moved to the city ??