Monday, April 30, 2018

SMSP Track Day 25-5-2018

Wednesday was Anzac day here in Australia and we had the day off. So I thought I'd try and take some photo's with my new camera. I checked and there was a ride day on at Sydney Motorsport Park. Perfect, so off I trotted with my expensive camera and no idea how to use it. Rather than just use Auto I went full on into changing this that and the other. It took me a while to realise how important shutter speed was. There's some picture's here that look like the bike is not moving hahaha. Practice practise, and more practise.

Laura Brown 300cc Supersport

Even the Ambulances here cut some laps


  1. What, you didn't even try auto? Sacred Blue...

    Quite fun trying to catch the action eh? High speed aircraft are pretty tricky too. Keep up the good work old bean.

    1. Nope, why should I try it and does it give better results?
      Isn't the point of these things to adjust them to give you better pictures than Auto can provide?
      Oh aircraft, now there's another great use....

  2. that guy at turn one is doomed...