Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Time for another new Lid?

Quite some time again I wrote about how dirty the inside of my helmet had become and how smelly it had become due to my sweety melon being in it on hot days, you can read that here. Was that really two and a half years ago?

With an upcoming ride I thought I'd remove the internal liner and cheek pads and give them a spruce up in the wash and I wondered how dirty it would be this time around. I was very surprised with what I found.

Bummer the internal crown liner has fallen apart and is now no good. I checked and I got the helmet back here in December 2013 so it's now six years old. It's starting to show a few signs of wear, with a few chips in the surface and the cheek pads are worn and a little loose.

So then, time for a new helmet I thought to myself. Damn I don't need to spend that amount of cash right now just after MOTOGP weekend but nothing else for it. The GT Air has been a superb helmet and I would purchase another one again.

So I go online to check out the new Shoei GT Air II which reportedly has the internal visor drop down another 5mm to cover the gap where light can get in with the Mark I version. Price..... bang, goes my head on the floor as I pick myself up and check that price again. Yep Bang again.

No, I am not going to spend  $1050 clams on a new helmet.

Not when my head is only worth $25. So then whats a tight ass bastid supposed to do when he's a bit skint......
I remember Dave saying recently after he bought a GT Air he was going to get another liner as a spare. What a great idea I thought. I wonder if the liners are $500 shoei clams?

So I checked around and to my surprise the cheek pads and crown liner came in at only $149. Yeah that's some expensive bits of foam but it's $900 cheaper than a new lid. So I ordered some from the new AMX superstore at Auburn which is nice and handy near my work. That was on Monday and by Friday they had arrived.

Busting them open they were duly fitted up and now it's almost like a new helmet, cept for the scratches on the outside. Well the inside is brand spanker's. Now for the sniff test......... mmmm smells like strawberries and cream.......er no, then its smells like VOC gassing me but I likey very much. That new smell, sure beats stank sweat any day.


  1. $25 head eh? Probably find some people who think you might be overestimating a tad there...

    My HJC is starting to look a bit sad too. Same sort of wear as yours and also the front vent fell out at the start of the NI800 so is now taped up. Spending money like it's going out of fashion lately...

  2. Good going Steve! I bought new cheek pads for a previous Shoei because the OEM pads had compressed with age but the crown wasn't replaceable if I remember correctly. With your helmet now 6 years old, I was going to say that it's not far off replacement anyway but my previous Shoei was 9 years old! It came as a bit of a shock when I checked as it was a great fit and quiet, so sort of slipped through the net.

    We got to see the new GT Air before it was released in NZ. It had a matte black and gold paint job and really looked the biz. Didn't know the price though - that's a heck of a jump. Got my GT Air a couple of years ago and paid NZ$899 for it.

    1. Yeah I think 6 years is still ok, another 3 or 4 years from a new liner will do just fine.
      The GT Air price has increased about $200 with no extra discernible features. Sure it has the Sena crap, but I don't have a Sena so it's just crap.

  3. Good one Steve. Age does not affect the foam liner despite the nonsense salesmen spruik. I published a link about the study into that some time back which I enjoyed pointing out to the helmet reps on a forum here when the trotted out the usual five year must replace myth.

    But that matte paint is certainly hard to touch up.

    1. Yes I read your Helmet reviews and also they concur with my own thoughts. A helmet doesn't wear out in 5 years, that's manufacturers recommendations to replace them. They are after all in the business of selling new helmets.

  4. bout time you fixed that festering helmet

  5. Replies
    1. Not yet mate, I think you still have afew rides left in you yet. Take Geoff James above as an example he's 71 and still riding.