Monday, August 12, 2019

What time is it?

An interesting question for an R1 rider. I'm sure one Andrew Bandit rider from across the ditch knows exactly what time it is.

Well before I get to that I did recently purchase a rear reflector to go on my number plate. I ordered it online and the parcel arrived and I duly installed said item. That was before the last ride to Mudgee.

Sadly the reflector fell off somewhere between Hillend and Mudgee. It didn't even last 300kms. Now I did throw that one away at the time as I thought I'd only wasted $18 and I've wasted much more than that in the past. But one night I decided to email the seller Mustard bikes and complain about the quality of the item mentioning that it didn't last one trip. Well a couple of emails later and they sent me a new one, except this one is now made of metal instead of plastic(photo above).

I have another ride coming up soon so let's see if it makes it through this trip. It's been installed and ready to go. Why did I put this on? Only for the fact the the NSW Hwy Patrol are now ping bikes for no rear reflector now that tail tidies have become legal, just one more tax on the unsuspecting public.

So then, what time is it exactly?

  • Time to grow up and stop riding bikes and accept parental responsibilities.....
  • Time to lose some weight...
  • Time to buy a comfortable bike.....
  • Time for some new tyre's.....
  • Time to stop whining and get out for a ride....
  • Time to sell one of the kids and buy another bike......

You guessed it, time for another new set of tyre's. And I haven't even ridden on the last one's honest....

A nice shiny new set of Bridgestone Battlax S22 to replace the S21 that I had before. With an Oxley Highway ride coming up these should do the the job just nicely. The S21's were giving me around 7000km before replacement so I expect the same from these.


  1. Where did you get that reflector? That is exactly what I was going to make for my R1 but if it is only the same as cost as 2 beers.....

      They are out of Tassie. Cant recommend them yet as haven't tried this one out.

  2. Steve,
    I'm surprised that the Battlax lasts so long on the R1. That's remarkable for a pure sport tyre. Clearly, you don't need to lose any weight 😁. Don't ever grow up either - where's the fun in that? Jennie has said several times that it's like living with a 5 year old. Quite proud of that - it's what keeps us young at heart despite what our wives might think!

  3. Hmmmm, I need a new set of tyres...and some other stuff too apparently...

  4. I'm shocked that the Battlax keeps going so long on the R1. That is momentous for an unadulterated game tire. Obviously, you don't have to lose any weight ��. Never grow up either - That doesn't really sound fun at all. Jennie has said a few times that it resembles living with a multi year old. Very pleased with that - it's what keeps us youthful on the most fundamental level notwithstanding what our spouses may think!

  5. How has that reflector gone? I just ordered one for my R1, so hopefully it has lasted the distance?

    1. Well actually it failed again. So therefore I won't be replacing it. Looks like the tyre may have hit it or something flung up from the tyre and it destroyed it.