Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sydney 5 Hour

Last weekend was St George Motorcycle club's running of the Sydney 5 Hour endurance race at SMSP.  This is the second running of the event and has now started attracting some profile rider such as Troy Bayliss(ASBK, WSBK, MotoGP), Jamie Stauffer(ASBK) and Ted Collins(ASBK).

Sundays event has the running of the 90 minute race and then around midday the main race event starts - the Sydney 5 hour. Teams can be 2 or 3 riders and each rider usually rides their own bike, they have an arm band that recognised they are the on track bike only. Both races start with the traditional Lemans type start where they run across the track in full leathers(something to be seen) and then jump aboard the bikes and ride as fast as possible. There are compulsey pitstop for rider changes.

It is a top day out for racing fans and it costs nothing to get in, bonus. I might see if I can get a media pass for next years event to get to better locations. Here is a gallery of images I took throughout the event.

Here's a short picture collage of the start of the 5 hour. There was almost a huge crash on the straight.

Olly Bayliss - yes he's fast too

The spoils for the winners of the 90 minute race.

A world record attempt of the most people in one location with helmets on. It failed miserably. The goal was 6004. They don't get those number at an ASBK event let alone a club race.

The winners of the 90 minute race took the podium. Most of them couldn't taste the champagne because they were racing in the next event or they simply weren't of legal age to drink alcohol.

Oh I love this guys tank sticker too!!!!!

An immaculate condition 2002 R1

Love the sticker on this guys tank

Merri Melena - this girl was seriously impressive. She finished dead last, but that was because her team mate crashed and was injured and Merri had to race 4 of the 5 hours. A legendary effort in anyone's books. Well done girl.

Not everyone finished this years event

How low can you go?

The eventual race winners were only separated by 1 second over the 5 hour race.
Congratulations boys to another excellent day of racing.

1st - Bridgestone Endurance Team - Ted Collins/L Epis/G Epis
2nd - Baylisstic Boys - Troy Bayliss/Olly Bayliss
3rd - Team Varbarley - M Tooley/M Varartjes/S Barbacetto

Hope you enjoyed the collection of motorcycle porn.


  1. That R1 is near,y as nice as mine!
    Good to see club racing kicking along strongly.

    1. Mate it was in better condition than yours. Looks like he just finished fixing it up. Yes this club race is going strong. Pity no one is supporting these events.

  2. well done hoss.....they didnt advertise well enough of the event...was the bar open ?

    1. The bar was open, I was wondering why you weren't there....