Saturday, December 2, 2017

Victorian High Country Day 5

It was the last day of our high country trip and today was more or less just going to be boring slab work to get back to Sydney. In saying that it turned out to be quite different than I thought it was going to be. To start with I had a road cooking up for the guys that I hadn't ridden in about 15 years.

Rather than take the Batlow road to Tumut I took us out through the Rosewood road which is basically 90kms of road through the forest. The road is only there for the logging trucks as the road doesn't start or end anywhere in particular. But our forestry guys must be commended, a fantastic Sunday morning ride we only saw 2 cars in 90kms. I didn't take many photos today but did put on my Gopro for the first little bit.

After tumut we headed out the Wee Jasper road and turned off and took the back road into Gundagai, another route I'd learnt in my youth riding down to motogp, its a bit out of the way but has many bends and hills and is better than the main road.

Then there was 100kms of boring highway until we turned of and headed for Bungendore and came in through to Tarago and stopped at the loaded dog for a drink.

Doug left us here and took the main road back to Goulburn whilst we decided to take another back road through Bungonia and through to Marulan for the last 150km or boring hwy back to Sydney. A much better way than sitting on 4 hours of boring straight highway.

Arriving home we dropped by Stu's house and cooked up the meat tray we had won the night before washed down with an ice cold beer. An excellent end to our high country trip.

Day 5 Map Reference


  1. I'm feeling home sick after this ride report but thanks all the same Steve :)

    1. Mustn't be much fun having your bike locked up for 6 months of the year Warren.

  2. Oh look, Bushpig has a beer..! ;)

  3. HERE HERE............i mean beer beer......

  4. im in training for it even as we speak...

  5. Forestry roads have some of the best twisties and usually the least amount of traffic. Good call.