Sunday, April 22, 2012

Where does your bike live?

Flyboy at A view from above has sent out a challenge to all us bikers to show where their bikes live when we are not riding them. Post your link up on his site when you have posted yours. So here's a few pics of where my bike lives in my man cave.

It's a bit on the messy side and the bike usually is under a cover so it doesn't get dusty.

Let me point out a few of the features of my man cave. Out the back door of the garage we step out onto the deck which surrounds our small but enjoyable pool. Just have to be careful I don't roar into the garage to fast otherwise it could all end up at the bottom of the pool. On the left we have a futon lounge which folds down into a bed if needed.(Which it hasn't yet thank goodness.)

On the left just past the R1 you can make out the Beer keg's next to the fridge and freezer. On the front of the fridge you'll notice the tap for the beer. Its pretty sweet having your own beer on tap at home. Just past the freezer but hidden from view is my trusty BBQ which gets used 2-3 times a week. Up on top of the fridge is a small 34cm TV so I can watch when I'm cooking on the BBQ whilst having a beer. In fact now that I think about it I could live out here, it's got everything I need except a shower and toilet. I'm sure that when the wife reads that I'll be in the shit!

Georgia wanted to sit on the bike so I lifted her up and onto the seat. Once she was up there she wanted to get off again, something about being scared. She could almost reach the foot pegs but was a long way from reaching the bars.


  1. So if you have to unfold the futon to sleep on does it turn it from a man cave into a dog house?

    It looks as though you have ample room, nice and organized too.

    Georgia is adorable. Do you have your shotgun ready to keep the boys away when she gets older?

    1. Well if I was sleeping on it I probably would be in the dog house lol.I would love to have a double garage but what can you do.

      Yes I might need a shotgun soon.

  2. Geez you guys have heap better man caves than me...gonna have to do some thing about that.

  3. Your post has motivated me to get busy and clean out my garage. I moved over the winter and crap was just kind of thrown in the garage on moving day and it was not really organized. I'll post pictures in a day or two. I still have a bit of work to do to make it presentable.

  4. hi Chillertek,
    what can i say who cleaned up i have been there before and i think someone has cleaned up befor ethe pic but i can say it is very nice.
    too much time on your hands i think BBQ soon and help me clean up?


    1. Yes there was a clean up, where I took a whole bunch of crap to the garbage dump.

    2. You can thank me later for putting the pressure on to clean up your shed. Mmwwhhooaaaahhhh (best evil laugh) It looks good cleaned up and that reminds me, I need to move my beer fridge to the shed.