Thursday, October 6, 2011

Riding New Zealand - Queenstown to Glenorchy

The road from Queenstown out to Glenorchy is an absolute cracker. Its a very short ride at only 46kms but what a hoot of a road. It reminds me of the Great Ocean Rd but with much better views. It's a dead end as well so you will need to return the same way, what a shame to have to ride this again. We nearly didn't make the trip because it was late in the afternoon being around 4:30pm but i'm glad we did it.

The road out of Queenstown follows the shore line of Lake Wakatipu. It leaves the shore line briefly to go through a narrow forested section before returning to the lake again. Road surface here was excellent and was nice and wide except one section where it was single lane along a rockwall.

Before long the winding lake side views are over and you are coming into the small town of Glenorchy. There's not much here, a pub and cafe and not much else. It would be a nice place to over nighter and have beers......
It was just as much fun driving back to Queenstown as it was getting to Glenorchy. Oh how i wished for my R1 today.

Here is a short 1m 20sec video i made on the way back from Glenorchy. As you can see this is a sweet ass piece of tarmac.


  1. Another great peice of motocycling paradise.......If I had a R1 I wold be missing it to!

  2. Nice road that one. There are mountainbike trails just off the side of the road along there and they are pretty sweet too.
    So when are you going back with a bike?

  3. I would chose a different motorcycle (S Triple comes to mind), but heck what a nice piece of road.