Saturday, October 8, 2011

Riding New Zealand - Otago Peninsula

The Otago Peninsula is located near Dunedin. The Portobello Road flows around the cliff faces of the Otago Peninsula with the Harbour on the other side. The first 10kms of this has hotmix surface which is very smooth. After that the surface ranges from good to average with a few places near the end being very rough. The road end at the headland where there is a Albatross Colony and Fairy Penguins.

There was a fair bit of traffic on the Dunedin end of this road. If you get if wrong here you will be either getting fished out of the harbour or pulled out of a cliff face.


  1. Superb photos!

    Haven't been down south since 2007 when some mates and I had an awesome time on our Blackbirds for a couple of weeks. Looking at another trip next year.

    Great blog site you have!


  2. Thanks for dropping by Geoff.
    You guys are blessed with great riding/scenery in NZ.