Monday, March 14, 2011

Ride Aborted

Had organised a quick ride on the weekend with my mate Brad. I thought that i would take brad up the old road on saturday morning as i havent been up there for about 2 years and thought i'd check it out. Also brad has only just returned to riding and has only been out a few times, so i  think it would be good for him. Well, met up at his house and headed off, noticed he stalled it a couple of times within 1km of his house, pulled over and he said the VTR wasn't idling properly. Maybe hasnt warmed up properly..... well he wanted to swap when we got to castlehill, and what happened? It was running like it was only on one cylinder, not idling, no power on acceleration had to rev it to 4-5 thou to get it of the mark, definetly something wrong here. Brad called it a day and we went back to his place, pulled the tank off and opened air box. Fuel in air box = bad mkay. Pulled plugs out, one looked good and the other was all wet. Not good.

There went my plans of a nice ride up the old road. Ah well theres always next time.


  1. I think its a carbed model, it could be flooding or maybe just a bad plug.