Sunday, April 10, 2011

Two Ferry's Run

Sunday morning, beautiful weather, time for a ride! Now to decide where to go, so many options to pick from Old Rd, Putty, Nasho.....mmmm i think i'll go somewhere i haven't been before and a little less known, that way hopefully there will be less bikes and cars on the roads. I take a quick look at and pick out a route.

Kiss the loved one's goodbye suite up and helmet on, i set off on a fantastic sunday morning. Not a cloud in the sky, and about 23°C - perfect. I head off up the M4 and get off at Emu plains and make for old bathurst road up into the Blue Mountains, on to springwood and back down Hawksbury Rd. Stop at the lookout and have a chat to a guy on a trumpy 695 for half hour then set off again.
Its then off down the hill, some nice twisties here but all too short as they only last about 3kms. Then its on into windsor, past the pub. Lots of bikes at the pub today. Down over the bridge and out to wilberforce where i stop and fuel up. Mmm premium is 148.9c/litre ouch.
Turn off the putty and head up towards the sackville ferry, i've never been this way before and i wonder what the road ahead holds in store for me. Its easy going to the ferry. I wait a couple of minute and then have pole position on the ferry.
I'm off and doing 100 by the top of the hill and follow the road along until i turn off at River Rd. This road is as its name says. It follows the river along all the way until it gets to wiseman's ferry. The road is very narrow, not much wider than 1.5 cars so i take it fairly careful whilst still having fun. I don't see many cars at all along here and only a couple of bikes too.
This road reminds my a little of the Granya Gap in Vic, although its not a good as that bit of road it has similarities, narrow, no sign postings, and tight. I come across some interesting limestone rock formations along the road next to the river. Looks like the river used to wash the rock wall out from underneath millions of years ago.

I reach the werris creek ferry at the bottom of wisemans ferry, and there's a line up of cars and bikes. It could be a bit of a wait, so i join the queue but it looks like i'll miss the ferry. No wait the ferry master waves me on right at the back, as i roll down the hill to get on my rear tyre goes over the railway track  just as i touch the rear brake and i go sideways down the ferry entrance. Gee the ferry worker had saucer shaped eye's as my rectum contracts slightly. Whew all good and i manage to get the last spot on the ferry albiet sideways....

Yep as i said, just made it on.
I get off the other side and decide to head up to St Albans. Its only about 20Km's so its a quick trip up and i stop at the pub for a toilet break and a quick drink of water. No beer for me, gee the pub is packed lots of bikes and cars, theres a band playing in the park. i head off after about 10 minutes and head back and leave that sweet country pub behind.

Back to the werris creek ferry, damn theres about 60 cars waiting for the ferry, what to do..... mmm the honda highway for me right up to about 10 cars from front and onboard the ferry, no waiting for me. Heh heh suckers in cars when will they learn.
I get off the other side and head off back up wisemans ferry road and down to pit town, where i over take a ducati 1098. Looks like he wants to keep up, and we have a bit of fun through the twisties near the golf course in the middle section of wisemans ferry road. I also stop at the look out at the top near wisemans ferry for a quick photo then its off again.

Homeward bound i turn into blacktown Rd and it starts to spot with rain. Looks like i made it home just in time.

I give the R1 a wash and then give the rear ducktail a polish and clean and lube the chain ready for action next time. Its now raining pretty steady.

Its time for post ride beers........
Until next time.

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  1. Looks like a sweet day out.Nice timing there with the rain!