Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Victorian High Country Ride Day 2

Hooray for an earlyish night and therefore the resulting lack of a hangover, cheering. We hit up one of the local cafe's for a early breakfast and were underway just after 9am after fueling up. Today's route was going to take us up the Snowy Mountains highway and then turn off through the back roads to Candelo, Wyndham and further on to Bombala.

Lads in Candelo
I keep forgetting how good this road through Candelo is. It has bits of everything from sweeping hillside scenery to thick forests with some very twisty blacktop and everything in between.

Myrtle Mountain Road
We took a short break in Wyndham for everyone to regroup and then continue our way to Bombala for fuel and coffee. It was too early for lunch yet.


There were a few bikes travelling through Wyndham on their way to Bombala, including a bunch of postie bikes. The Bombala bike show was on this weekend so we found out, but we didn't have time to hang around to check it out which was a bit of a shame. Stopping in Bombala there were a few bikes around the streets, not as many as I thought there would be though, but is was still early about 10:30am when we stopped for coffee.

Bombala main street
It was here the group discussion on the route plan for the next bit was a bone of contention. Dave and Brett with their brand new toys - Aprilia Tuono and MT-10 didn't want to get them dirty on the 11km of dirt road on the Bonang Highway. So we ended up splitting the group, four of us including myself went via the Bonang Hwy and 4 went via Cann Valley way and the main Highway. I know who is going to have more fun......

Craig on the Bonang

The boys discussing the dirt section just after finishing it

Selfie Goodness on the Bonang

It didn't seem to take long at all from the dirt section to the fireplace rest stop where we stopped for another chat. I don't think I've ever seen the Bonang in better condition and the temperature for today was spot on too. It wasn't hot or cold which made for perfect riding. The banked corners on the top section really help you attack the curves.

The  Bonang must rate right up there as one of the best roads in Australia for riding. 105km's of bends with over 1080 curves in that distance.

I lead most of the way from the dirt section down to Orbost with Stu in Hot pursuit, I did have to slow down a few times to give him a sporting chance!!!

Arriving at the end of the road I decided I wanted a picture at the 105km sign, luckily Craig motored by just as I was about to take the pic so I got the two bikes.

105km Bonang Hwy - Pure motorcycle heaven

We stopped in Orbost for fuel and the other four soft cocks were waiting for us at the bakery next door having a spot of lunch with their pristine condition bikes and chicken strips. We quickly fueled up ready to go whilst Geoff inhaled a sausage roll. I wasn't hungry so I went with just some water to rehydrate.

We decided on the scenic route out of Orbost to Buchan(pronounced Buckun) which keeps us off the main highway, as well as being a fantastic twisty bit of remote rural countryside with some stunning views, you might say it was Buchan fantastic. I did crap myself at one point when I came around a bend at speed and three sheep were standing in the centre of the road. A beep from the horn and nothing, a blip of the R1 throttle and that exhaust note scared the bejesus out of them and off the road.

Geoff and Doug getting amongst it

Buchan - Orbost Road - You Buchan beauty
We stopped in Bruthen for a top up of fuel before heading up towards Omeo. The section of road that runs along the Tambo river is another favourite of mine from years ago when we used to ride to motogp. It's fantastic to see a freight train of bikes insync with each other flicking from left to right laying it over into the long bends that run around the river. Simply magic stuff.

Tambo River
Getting into Omeo late in the afternoon we parked the bikes up under the awning and settled in for a few quick beers on the front lawn. It was fantastic basking in the evening sun having a cold one with da boys talking everything bikes. I like staying in Omeo, in every direction is a winding road, the meals are good and they have free cooked breakfast all for $50, bargin. Another 502km for today and mostly all twisty road. It doesn't get much better than that.

Day 2 Map


  1. Only 105km of corners eh? Bummer. What's the reduce speed sign for? Surely it's a mistake...

    1. 105kms of continuous corners, thats pretty good for Australia. I've no idea about the reduce speed sign, must be for someone else.....

  2. its like the forgotten hwy....without the murderous rednecks and road obstacles

  3. The Bonang is a great road and in a way I hope they never seal it as it keeps the road relatively quiet. Are you riding Mira Mita as it’s another great newly sealed road.

    1. Yes mate I fully agree with you. If it is left unsealed people tend to not take that road and will go elsewhere. Mitta or Omeo Hwy is another great road and yes we hea dup that one too.

  4. You covered some of my all time most favorite roads on day 2!

    1. Yes its great riding in this area Jules. Thats why we get down there every year.

  5. That dirt section is over in no time - such a great ride I must get back there.

    1. The dirt section isn't very long about 10 minutes or so, then its straight back in to thick of it.

  6. Well, as of last week the legendary Bonang Road is now finally fully sealed! As a local rider I am stoked as the new section has many great corners and it completes the last piece of the wonderful SE puzzle. Just make sure all you riders passing through respect that plenty of other folk use the road and that it is a very dangerous piece of twisty mountain tarmac. Too many reports of bikes cutting blind corners, which is irresponsible, selfish riding and a death wish in all actuality. Riders have been killed on the Bonang, and many others have come to grief, usually from their own stupidity. Always assume someone’s possibly coming the other way. From Goongerah down to around Sardine Creek (heading to Orbost) the road surface has been hammered by the many 40 tonne gravel trucks that headed up with their loads for the seal preparation work. There are many nasty culvert slumps and road surface damage that local riders have been marking out, so take it easy on The Bonang and keep 2 wheels up, gentlemen …

    1. Thanks mate. Kind of wished they left it unsealed so it would be the road less travelled.
      It's plenty dangerous no doubt about it, you need to be on your A game on the Bonang or take it slowly. Had plenty of roo's jump out in front whilst riding it.