Sunday, November 11, 2018

How to Skip Youtube Ads

Are you sick and tired of watching ads on Youtube when you want to watch a video? If your anything like me then you answered yes. So here is a two click solution to circumvent those pesky ads. Youtube has also now recently introduced two ads doubling the frustration levels. I usually can wait to click the Skip ad button but sometime's you don't get that option and have to sit through the whole ad.

Here is the solution.

1. Click the 'next' video button, right next to the Play button.
2. Click the back button on your browser and then the video will play ad free.

Your welcome.


  1. Thanks Steve - worth knowing! One good turn deserves another if you don't already know about it.... If you get lots of annoying ads, popups and stuff on Facebook, you might want to take a look at Facebook Purity: . Helped my stress levels no end!

  2. Thanks for the tip Geoff, I've already installed it and works great. Now just how FB should be.
    One thing I like about my blog and other peoples blogs, No FUCKING ads.

    Bring on the blogs, interesting reads and places to travel and no ads, what's not to like.