Friday, May 17, 2024

Alpinestar Tech7 Enduro Drystar

It was a wet miserable day here today and there's been a MCAS gift card sitting on my desk for 12 months looking back at me saying spend me, spend me. Thanks Bro for my birthday present. 

I've not been happy with any of my riding gear for a while now. The dririder gear I have is absolute rubbish, it's the cheapest shit on the market and I vow to never buy that crap ever again.

The forma adventure boots I have would have been good except there was something in the right boot digging into my ankle on the inside and I got given the boots for free so no loss by getting rid of them. Last ride out I thought f*ck this, it's time to buy some decent gear so off to MCAS I go.

I did some online research watching multiple youtube reviews, and reading reviews and ended up looking at the Sidi crossfire, Alpinestar Tech7 and Gaerne SG12. These seemed to be the one's at the top of everyone's, best of lists. 

I looked at these boots and all of them looked to tick all the boxes. Looking at prices however and I quickly decided that the Alpinestars Tech7 was the best fit for my tight arse price range. The sidi's and Gaerne's were nudging $900. Bit too much for me. I went with the Black/Gold/Gray. Yeah the white wasn't ideal but it won't be white for long.

The boots seems very stiff, but actually feel comfortable to walk in. I also note that many people say that they become squeaky after some use, like my old alpinestars road boots. Haven't tried them on the bike yet but I'm sure that they will a bit hard to feel the brake/gear levers. Time will soon tell. 

I also picked up a new bike cover. The 2 other covers I have for the R1's are way too small to fit my Africa Twin, so time for an upgrade. It gets covered in dust in just 1 week after washing it so a new cover was in order.



  1. Can't believe you are in DryRider gear!
    The boots look good.
    Hard to find quality these days.

    1. Yeah me either warren, I don't know what i was thinking when I bought the dri rider gear.
      It's going in the bin as soon as I find a replacement.

  2. price of purchase doesnt matter over 10 years

    1. Yeah it's only $50 a year when you put it that way. Its good value really.

  3. How were the boots?

    1. After two days of riding and walking in them they went pretty well. They are very stiff still but comfortable to walk in. Being stiff its a bit hard to feel the brake lever and gear lever, and I had a lot of trouble trying to upshift because I couldn't get my foot under the gear shift lever. I'll have to adjust it up a bit I think.
      The boots also started squeaking on the second day, so that only lasted 1 day. Didn't get wet feet on any of the creek crossings. All good so far.