Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Oh the pain....

Regular readers will know a good friend of mine, Stu from many posts on my blog, he's a regular rider with us and Post classic racer. A few years back Stu had a big highside on turn 12 at Phillip Island during the post classic racing and there's been rumours of video of this but until now has only just surfaced.

Now for anyone that hasn't ridden Phillip island this turn is around the 160-180kmh mark, so its not slow by any stretch. I would not like to crash here put it that way.

The crash in Stu's words 'Oh the Pain'. In our words "Holy shit...that's gotta hurt.....ouch". And so he was named captain collarbone.

For a little perspective. The V8 supercars race at the island and back in 1997 Greg Murphy came off the track at turn 12 at 160kmh about how fast Stu would have been doing.



  1. So are you still mates after posting this? ;-) . Kiwi Greg Murphy is also a biker and you may see him becoming patron of IAM NZ in the near future as we've been in discussion with him on some road safety initiatives.

    1. Hi Geoff
      Yes still mates. I'd be interested to see what Murph has to say. I bet its along the lines of more stringent training rather than the kellogs box licensing system we currently have.