Monday, January 1, 2018

Backroads to the West

I was travelling to my parents for Christmas this year and to meet up with the family who had travelled a day ahead of me. Because I was on my own I decided that I would rather travel on some back roads than the most direct route through Bathurst and Orange. So I devised a route via google maps and loaded up the ute and headed off. I've ridden some of the roads from Lithgow to Tarana and to O'Connell but beyond that to Blayney I'd not been before.

This route makes for a good bike road but some of it can be a bit rough even in the ute so you need to ride with caution.

Taking the Bells Line of road across the blue mountains is a good start to some great motorcycling roads out of Sydney, crossing at Mt Victoria or continuing into Lithgow. Take Magpie Hollow road out past Lake Lyell from Lithgow. The road continues to Tarana but be careful as the road is narrow with many bends and elevation changes, perfect biking country with rolling hills as far as the eye can see, but the road surface can be rough in places.

Through Tarana follow Mutton Falls Road on to O'Connell. There's a nice little pub at O'Connell that I've heard does good counter lunches, but I've not stopped there before so can't comment. Turn right at O'Connell and then after about 1 km take the next left turn onto Young St which become Ryan road. This will bring you out onto Rockley Rd turn right and head into Perthville then left again towards Newbridge and Blayney. From Blayney turn off at Mandurama onto the Belubula Way. From here the road will take you into Canowindra(pronounced Can-noun-dra)

Belubula Way to Canowindra is quite a nice bike ride through farming land but it is also very hilly countryside so you are constantly going over crests of hills with a blind curves. Be careful at dusk and dawn as this is Kangaroo country, with tree's lining right up to the sides of the road in places.

Canowindra is your typical small outback country town. I decided I'd stop for some lunch. There's about 5 pubs to choose from and an small RSL club. Typical pub food with most prices being under $20 is a bargin, washed down with a refreshing beer.

Following the Nangar Road out of town you head towards another small Town of Eugowra(U-Gow-Ra). Not much in Eugowra and you won't get any fuel after midday on Saturday so be careful. This little town shows its civic pride with a lot of the buildings being painted in Murals, If you've ever been to Sheffield in Tasmania you'll know what I mean. The road from Canowindra to Eugowra slowly straightens out and becomes less hilly and is not quite as good as the Belubula Way but still a good ride.

From Eugowra its' only a short trip to Parkes, Forbes or Cowra from here. These 3 towns are much larger around 8-10,000 population so accommodation and fuel options are much better. See map below for the route from Lithgow to Eugowra. The riding further west becomes flatter and much straighter. Best option here would be to head towards Cowra and out towards Wyangla Dam.


  1. These murals are beautiful. Love the scenery, so different from European landscapes (and current weather pattern). Happy New Year!

    1. Happy new year to you too Sonja.
      I guess I must be used to our landscape as it gets monotinous but if your not from here it could be interesting.

  2. Yeah I would have rather been on the bike for sure but I had a load of Christmas presents to cart to the olds place as well.
    Also on top of that I've pulled a tenden in my knee so riding would be a bit more difficult.

  3. It doesn't matter whether on two-wheels or four, the backroads are always better. Less traffic and much more scenic.

    Did you at least make motorcycle sounds and lean while you were in the ute?

  4. Such lovely looking countryside there Steve, and the classic Aussie country towns, it makes me feel quite home sick.

    But us Aussies are liked very much here in Sri Lanka, got waved on by police today soon as they found out I was Australian.