Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Take it to the track son!

Driving home in horrendous Sydney traffic this afternoon, I had to take some back streets due the the huge volume of cars on the M4 and Great Western Highway. Typical Sydney punish, I came up to a T intersection when a very familiar looking red and white R1 zoomed past.

You guessed it, it was none other than Bushpig and he was on his way to Sydney Dragway with a mate of his to do some quarter mile action. I was late getting home and the wife was already taking the girls to swimming lessons so I thought 'what the heck' I'll head on out to check it out.

It's a pretty simple concept, you pay your entry fee, get scrutineer ed then line up, point your bike or car down the track and when the Christmas tree lights up or down so to speak, you then attempt to zoom along bloody fast. Well that's the general gist of things. The idea is to bring some friends and race your mates.

The cars were up first and there were some sleepers in amongst them. Plus there were some very special and heavily modified cars. Best I saw was an 8.5 sec run from the red car in the pic above, that's one bloody fast car. One car burst a hose and leaked coolant over the track which took about 20 minutes to clean up whilst they trailered the car away.

Up next were the bikes, first up with a R6 up against an MT09, then there were a couple of GSXR's and then the two R1's. Bushpig hit a false neutral on his first run. I only hang around for 2 runs of the bikes as it was blood cold out and I was only in a tee shirt straight from work. Well worth a look if you've never been before.


  1. ahhhh yes...look at my new black aldi helmet shining in the dark.....great cheap helmet....its great fun drag racing ...heaps better than doing it at the lights and worrying about errant motorists and coppers.

  2. Fun! I hear if you see the green you've lost.

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