Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bucket List

There have been times I've been reading other motorcyclists blogs and come across some photos that I've looked at and my jaw has dropped and I thought to myself "WOW" I would love to ride my bike there. I'm sure many of you have done the same thing. I've often said figuratively that i'd better put that on the bucket list and not really thought about it to much since. So I decided that I would put together a riding bucket list, some of these I will achieve others will go un-challenged.

In no particular order here is my bucket list which I will add to at some point but this is a good start.

1.    Ride Tasmania 

2.    Ride the Tail of the dragon - USA

3.    Ride Alaska - Yukon - USA/Canada

4.    Ride New Zealand North Island

5.    Ride New Zealand South Island

6.    Ride Eastern Creek Raceway

7.    Ride Waterfall Way - NSW

8.    Ride on race slicks

9.    Ride a Ducati Panigale

10.  Ride Trollstigen - Norway

11.   Attend a European round of Motogp or Luguna Seca

12.   Ride the Nordscliefe

13.   Attend the Isle of Mann

14.   Ride a BMW S1000RR

15.   Ride Pikes Peak - USA

16.   Ride Philip Island Race Track

17.   Ride the Transfagarasan - Romania

18.   Ride the Great Ocean Road - Victoria Australia

19.   Ride all the inland Great Ocean Road routes

20.   Ride the Summerland way & Mt Lindsay Hwy - NSW & Queensland

21.   Ride Gwyder and Bruxner highways - NSW

22.   Ride on an Autobahn at over 300kmh - Germany

23.   Ride the Black Forest - Germany

24.   Ride through Europe(France, Spain, Austria, Swiss Alps)

25.   Meet Mick Doohan and have a beer with him.

26.   As above but Casey Stoner.

27.   Meet Troy Bayliss

28.   Ride all of the great bike roads of Southern Queensland/Northern NSW

29.   Ride to Mt Rushmore, Grand Canyon, Zion National park

30.   Ride the Full Omeo Hwy

31.   Ride Tasmania again.

32.   Ride the Mount Imlay Road.

33.   Ride around Laguna Seca.

34.   Attend the Methven & Greymouth Street races - New Zealand

35.   Do an Iron Butt Ride 1600kms in 24 Hrs on a sportsbike - Ouch

36    Do Daytona bike week - USA

37.   Attend the Suzuka 8 Hrs Race - Japan

38.   Ride a MotoGP bike(Honda or Yamaha)

39.   Ride Pacific Coast Hwy from the bottom of California up to the top of Washington - USA

40.  Camp at  Phillip Island Motogp.


  1. I might just have to steal some of yours...

    1. That's ok mate, I stole some of these as well.

  2. You going to live to 140 or so?

    1. I might have to, to complete this list....

  3. Excellent list. Some I will have look up as they aren't familiar. But you can kill two birds with one stone...come stay here, Dragon is only 1 1/2 hours away, with great roads in between. Then you can scoot on down to bike week. :)

    1. If only I had the time and the money and I'd be right there.

  4. That's definitely some good reason to live to 140. Been in some of these places but not always on a bike. Not sure if going 300 kph on a German Autobahn will be such a good idea, you would have to do it at night to get some light traffic, and still be likely chased by some small car wanting to go faster... ;-)
    But as for the Black Forest... I might be able to assist with that.

    1. Your probably right, I'd be doing 300 and some smart ass in their maranello marvel would come zooming past bloody fast.
      If i'm in your neck of the woods so to speak I'll look you up.

  5. Some more easily achieved than others in terms of cost and time needed. However, I'd settle for a good long touring trip within Oz - maybe up the East Coast from Vic to Cairns (no interest in doing a lap of Oz on the bike though). Must say that I'm VERY tempted to do a ride day at Phillip Island as a couple of my mates have done.

    Cheers Jules.

    1. Mate you could spend weeks on a trip like that, It would be a fun trip thats for sure. A full lap of Oz would be pretty boring really. Mmm ride day you this space.

  6. Hmmm, that is quite the list. Some I've heard of, some I haven't.

    Not sure how many are on my bucket list, but I know there are a few, I've just never written them down.

    1. It's pretty easy to start a big list once you put your mind to it. I had to limit this one down quite a bit.

  7. Steve:

    Impressive list. Let us know when you get over here and maybe we could tag along. Too bad most of us are limited by both time and money

    bob: riding the wet coast

    1. Mate
      The time and money are not just limited to you, as this is my main draw back which will be the reason most of my bucket list will probably go unfinished. So my aim is to achieve the easy to tick off items first and see whats left(all the expensive ones my wife won't let me do. Might have to divorce her). Oops hope she's not reading this.

  8. Great list!. Some excellent riding there :)

  9. some great rides you have on the list
    a few ticked off so far and am sure you will get some of the others done easily
    one i would love to do would be the canada/ alaska area

  10. Great list buddy. I also did some of this. Hope we can go out again. Keep adding. :)