Thursday, July 31, 2014

New Zealand Slideshow

After our epic trip to NZ in Feburary this year, which feels like it was years ago now I had a whole heap of photo's left over from the trip from the gopro. I thought I'd throw them together into a slideshow and put them up here.

The first one is of Arthurs Pass.

The Crown Range Road

Followed by Lewis Pass

Lastly is Buller Gorge


  1. Thank you for taking the time to put these together Steve. That rain in Lewis Pass sure looks nice about now.

    I like how the GoPro captured shots of you taking pics too.

  2. Yep I just put all the pics in warts and all, camera taking ops and all. So are those pics of me taking pics some sort of selfie?

  3. Hmmm, I may just have to plan a ride down South....

    1. Yes you should, it's not like its far to go for you.
      Some of the most spectacular riding I've ever seen.

    2. Steve,
      Posting those just isn't fair mate! I desperately need to get down there for another tour. Heading for Canada and Alaska shortly and Jennie is pushing for Aussie next year. Might have to do some negotiating to be given a leave pass for a couple of weeks with the lads before the Aussie trip.

      Very well put together mate and great music to go with the photos!

    3. Hi mate
      Alaska & Canada sounds great, I'd like to do that some day. Yes you should organise with Andrew and Rogue for a tour. Would love to see the ride reports from that one, heh heh.

      Where about in Oz are you headed, if your in this neck of the woods there's always an R1 here for you to test out.

  4. Yep, always good to ride with Rog and my other mates. Have done a 1000 miles in 24 hour ride with Andrew but didn't actually ride together. Wow, that's an incredibly generous offer thanks - do you trust me that much? :-) . Jennie is keen to rent a houseboat on the Murray for a few days and then travel in the Adelaide area as we haven't been there before. Maybe I should do a side trip to Sydney :-)

  5. Nice photos and countryside. In that first video at 37 seconds in on the left edge of the road, is the spot where I found my GoPro 7 days after I lost it.