Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Final Lap

Any Casey Stoner fans that haven't seen this TV show made by channel 10 and aired after the Phillip Island round of the Motogp championship this year this is a must watch. Hosted by aussie motorcycle legends like Darryl Beattie and Mick Doohan. One of the highlights has to be when Casey tells Rossi "That your ambition out weighed your talent" after Rossi crashed into stoner and took him out in Jerez. Ouch

Not sure how long the link will be alive on you tube.


  1. Steve,
    Thanks so much for the link, that is an absolute cracker both in terms of the race action and dialogue. I've watched his career over the years and simply can't understand why he's so disliked in the UK. I can only assume they don't like the plain talking which people down our way are known for. Also admire his decision to flag it away when he did. Undoubtedly took more courage and honesty than simply carrying on.

  2. Yep us Aussie's and Kiwi's usually tell it how it is and those whinging poms can't handle us being better than them at everything.