Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Snowy Ride Part 2

 Day 3

Today I'd woken up early so rather than lay in bed I decided I'd take a walk around Omeo before everyone was up. It had been raining over night and was lightly sprinkling. There was heavy rain overnight and it was supposed to rain today and was looking ominous. Omeo is a very pretty little country town nestled in the foothills. 

Mist was covering the hills making for beautiful views of the town.

I wandered down through the park and found a mountain bike park with pump track and some skill builders, or should that be collar bone breakers......

A sign in a shop window in town proclaimed they were building 112km of MTB trails in Omeo, with 56km being made priority at $2.2m. Looks like a great area for mountain biking and there a few fans that live in the town going by the statuettes. These are found all over the the back park area.

I wandered down by the creek and had a look around, everything was so green from all the rain. It started to spit a bit so I headed back to the pub to see if everyone was up and to grab a coffee from the bakery.

The Golden Age hotel in Omeo is a great place to stay, $60 per night with a cooked breakfast thrown in, absolute bargin in my books that's why we keep staying here in such a spectacular location. Over the lockdown they have refurbished the common area toilet/showers and is much better now. Highly recommended.

We waited a while before leaving as we could see the road drying out. Hopefully it would be a dry run but I wasn't expecting it to be looking on the radar. The publican told us it snowed on the Mitta road last weekend. The road was fun but had to be really careful as it was still damp with dry patches here and there.

The guys stopped at the Blue Duck Inn and waited for a while which gave me a chance to catch back up after a few happy snaps were taken. Whilst here quite a few bikes came through so the weather hadn't scared everyone away.

The ride out towards Mitta is always a good ride and today was a bit of a mixed bag, as we went up into the tree line the weather closed in, it didn't rain but mist made it hard to see and the visor was covered in water, throw in wet roads and it was anyone's guess how fast to go. I ended up riding alone for quite a long time.

Another quick stop at Lightning Creek Campground for everyone to catch up. I went for a walk around, what a fantastic little camping spot. Close enough to mitta to get supplies far enough away to be out there.

Snowy Creek

Lunch today was at Mitta Pub, which we arrived just after 11.30am. We decided to ride up to Dartmouth Dam to have a look around as it was too early for lunch. It was a pleasant enough ride up to the dam, beautiful scenery. 

Stu and Craig checked out the spill way on the other side whilst we opted to take photos. They have excavated a massive amount of rock out of the hillside to build the dam. Makes that little Benmore Dam in NZ look like a home sick hobbit.

From here to Mitta it was 26kms back to the pub and lunch. It was just after 12 now so time to get on with it, our booking was for 12. Mitta pub food has always been good, and my Mitta burger was no exception however they did stuff up the order and Dave's lunch went incognito. We think Geoff may have eaten it.

Mitta Pub

From lunch I lead up to Tallangatta but we took an alternate route this trip and came in from the Albury side. The road was another good one that rose up over a winding mountain pass and back down. I filled up with 330km and 15 litres. Thats 4.5l per 100km. I'm loving this fuel economy of this bike and how easy and comfortable it is to ride.

We took the Granya Motogp track, I followed Stu across here on the Tuono. He must have been going slow because it was easy to keep up or was I getting used to the bike now? We made a quick stop for a refreshing ale at the Jingellic pub. The Murray river was full with lots of flooding, I can't remember seeing the river this full. 

As we were about to leave Doug's bike refused to start, same as it did before in Gloucester a few years ago. We waited and had another beer, by then it had cooled down and started fine so we could then head into Tumbarumba for the night.

Beers and tall stories

Day 3 Map


  1. Where did you stay in Tumby? I don’t recognise that beer garden.

    1. Union hotel, great service and bike friendly and cheap as chips.