Friday, June 14, 2013

1 Litre Farkle

There really hasn't been much riding happening around chiller HQ since our ride to Wee Jasper last month, I have been so busy with life in general I haven't even washed the bike since the trip either. I still need to put some new tyres on the bike and it pretty much hasn't moved from its spot in the garage.Lucky its winter and the enthusiasm has been a bit low for riding anyway. If it was summer and no riding then I might go nuts.

Well anyways just an update to show my new purchase, a farkle of a different type if you will...... a 1 litre farkle. It keeps me sane in an insane world.


  1. So, is your Liter cold? or do you suffer from British influence and like it un-chilled?

    1. Only the cold stuff here in Aus. We don't like our beer warm here.

  2. If you can't ride, you may as well drink a toast to riding.

    Cute picture!

  3. That is bigger than your purple child! Maybe thats why I haven't heard from you in a while?

  4. i dont think I'd ever see the bottom of that, cept when I was washing it up the next day maybe .. have a nice winter, we'll still be riding when we can :) (if the rain ever stops >.<)