Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Brake Lines

I finally shouted some new brake lines for my aging YZF-R1. The old lines are well past there best and I needed to replace them and also the brake fluid since it hasn't been done for a long while. So I thought I'd combine the two at once.

I first removed the screen and mirror for easy of access to the master cylinder, reservoir and lines.

Then I drained out all the fluid in the lines, cleaned the ends of the lines so I wouldn't get fluid everywhere then removed the old lines. Then it was time to fit a new set of goodridge lines to the bike, test them for fit by turning the bars in both directions to make sure there are no snags etc

 Bleeding the new lines seemed to take forever to do and was frustrating me no end. Bleeding brake lines takes a lot of patience and I don't have any really so after 5 minutes of nothing happening I was beginning to get a bit peeved, and after 20 minutes of nothing happening I was really F@cking peeved. Finally after about 35-40minutes of piss farting around those damn lines now came out with clear fluid and no bubbles and lots of feel at the front bar. Happily, it only took less than 5 minutes to bleed new fluid through the back brakes. The colour of the old fluid to the new is a world apart as the brake fluid is hygroscopic and  absorbs moisture over time and eventually goes a really dark brown colour. The new fluid was a clear light yellow.
Now if it will only stop raining so I can get out there and try them out. So much for summer, I've never seen so much rain before????? It's driving me nuts.


  1. hey Chillertek,

    did you use the auto bleeder?

    VTR Man

  2. Good job. Although those lines would suit my bike better. But you can come up here and help me bleed my brakes. I think they feel a bit off.
    You should try flying through all that weather around Sydney the last few days. You can see bugger all, doing 280km/h landing in it!

  3. Your weather sounds a bit like us mate. It has settled down a bit , but it would be the coolest, wettest,windiest summer I have ever known. New lines look good by the way.

    I have just had to replace the disks on my sprint for the second time! not cheap either. Have gone for a different brand this time rather than the Triumph ones. I am hoping the last longer than the 25000 I got out of that set.

  4. VTR Man - I did and didn't use the auto bleeder. What the hell's that mean you ask, well I couldn't get the bloody thing to work. So I just used a normal piece of tubing. That did the trick. Just took longer than expected.

  5. Flyboy - Ha you land your plane at my top speed. Lets see you land that baby on a mountain pass. I'll see you on the news for that one.

  6. Roger - Man the weather here has been atrocious. I just saw the forecast on the news tonight for the rest of Feburary and it was rain for every single day. Can you believe it! Its our summer and normally hottest monthwith temps around 30-38 Deg but we only have rain and 18-24 deg.25 thou isn't very much out of your disc's, what happened to them. I have 50 thou on the R1's discs.