Sunday, January 22, 2012

Somedays you are just shit outta luck

The weather around here has been extremely poor on most weekends and this one was looking to be much of the same. Went to go for a ride this morning but looked like it was going to rain cats and dogs. Then nothing. So this afternoon I had organised for Geoff and Brad to go for a short ride. It was only around 120kms or so, not very far. We headed up Castlereagh road and up to the lookout at Hawksbury Heights.

On the way home we were on the free way about 1 km from the off ramp, I had just moved over into the slow lane so I could get ready to exit, it was then I took a quick look in the mirror and notice the VTR had pulled into the breakdown lane. Ah crap whats gone wrong now. So I pulled into the break down lane as well.

He's not sure if its out of petrol or what. Good luck as the M4 service station is only about 200 metres ahead, if its just fuel we will be going again in no time. So I towed him into the station. When he went to fill the tank the lady from the shop comes out and says that they are closed. ??? This is a 24 Hr petrol station what gives??  So no fuel to try in the VTR.

Brad says he'll come back and get it with the trailer as its only about 5 min from home. So I double him home and drop him off.

When he gets back to the servo about an hour later with the trailer in case it wasn't a fuel issue the lady comes back out of the servo and says that they are open again. D'OH.

The VTR was filled and then restarted all good, but had to be trailered back home. Sometimes luck just isn't on your side.


  1. What a pain in the arse! Just the sort of thing that would happen here.
    Mind you, what would biking be with out at least a bit of adventure.

  2. hey there,

    you need to remind me to always fill up 1st before going anywhere.
    mind you still had fun time riding.
    always good out on the bike

    VTR Man

  3. Do I need to tell you to put your pants on as well?

  4. VTRs are thirsty buckets with small fuel tanks. A pox on them all.