Friday, October 23, 2015

2015 Phillip Island MotoGP Day 3 & 4

Saturday and Sunday at the island became a blur of beer, babes and bikes and I loved every minute of it. Here are some of the pictures of the weekend. Some of the best racing motogp has put on in years. It was a four way ding dong battle between Lorenzo, Marquez, Rossi and Iannone with the lead changing 17 times. Brilliant.

My 2 little girls try Jam filled donuts for the first time at the Island

There was no shortage of Rossi fans at the Island
Unfortunately for me I didn't realise that a hair had made it onto my camera lens making some of the photos I took look pretty bad as you can see in the next pic. D'oh.


The spanish master Lorenzo

Too loud daddy
One thing about motogp that you don't realise when you watch on TV is how incredibly loud they are. How loud. 130 fucking db loud, yes that's right that's as loud as flyboys 737 jet and when 24 motogp machines fly by at 340kmh its spine tingling, ear shattering bliss. The kids had ear plugs and Earmuffs and little Livy was scared to start with.

Livy likes Casey

Sundays race day we used our paddock passes to the max and spent half the day in the back of the pit area rubbing shoulders with the stars. There's one thing that was abundantly clear and that was Rossi is a celebrity superstar and is mobbed wherever he goes. Once Rossi left the crowd dispersed and I managed to stand next to Lorenzo when he walk out. Rossi is taller than I expected and Lorenzo is fairly short, both are very thin lanky dudes. The paddock pass was worth its weight in gold. It was fantastic to get to see all the motogp action up close and personal.

Yamaha equipment

Jeremy Burgess meeting the Repsol team back of the pits

Dainese tech taking Rossi's leathers out

Yamaha Babes

Ducati pit area

Monster Babes

Young Rossi Fans

Aprillia Babes

The Doctor

Givi Babes


Used rubber

Sky Babes

Wayne Gardner
Repsol pit area
Scott Redding

Givi Babes
Ducati under wraps, now where are the keys...

Loris Baz

Rossi Emerges from the garage
Bushpig doing what a bushpig does best

More monster babes

Pitch Invasion

To the winner go the spoils


  1. Fun!! Your girls are adorable. Is your oldest at the "I'm going to marry him someday" stage when looking at the racers?

    FYI - my feet hurt just looking at the shoes on those babes. I know, you probably didn't notice they had shoes on. :-)

    1. The girls seemed to enjoy seeing Rossi and Jorge up close as in right next to us.
      Yes I was thinking of those poor girls in their high heels......well maybe I was.....

  2. Awesome dude! I'm thinking it's about time I came over and checked out what all the hype at Phillip Island is about. Next year I think. That was the best GP race I've seen in a very long time!

    1. Thanks Neil. You've gotta get over and do it at least once. This year was one of the best thats for sure. Great weather and great racing. Couldn't ask for anything better. You'd love it.

  3. Hey Steve, this is a really enjoyable write up. And your pics!!! We watched it on TV as we were away riding for the weekend. Absolutely brilliant race, the best in many years I reckon.

    1. Thanks mate, was a top weekend at the track with some excellent racing. How did your ride go?

  4. Oh yeah the sound of those bikes , impossible to convey to anyone who has not heard it.