Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Love my RDO's

Gotta love an RDO. Gives me a chance to abandon the family and household duties so I can go for a ride and improve my mental health whilst the family sit around wondering who's going to clean up the mess they've made. Man you wouldn't believe how much of a mess 3 lazy girls can make, sorry I digress getting off topic already.

So for my RDO I had a ride set with no real plan in mind and it was just going to be Nigel no friends again today. I thought I might ride up to Wollombi for a beer at the pub. I headed out at 8:30am via Berowra Waters Ferry heading to the Old Pacific Highway. The heated grips were working a treat today, it was cold.

I pulled up at Pie in the Sky and thought that Doug was here. Same bike different rider. I'd skipped breakfast because I wanted to try a pie and coffee so came here.

mmmm pie

It was very quiet here this morning, 2 bikes and a bunch of push bike riders but it was a monday and it was bitterly cold at 8°C, I think it only warmed up to about 15°C just after lunch. I ride down the hill on the old rd with the entire road to myself. On the way to Wollombi I see the sign for Wisemans Ferry, it's about the same distance and will have less backtracking to get home later so I quickly divert and take that road instead. I feel like I need a beer at the pub for lunch.

I stopped to take a photo by the river and noticed a sign across the road that said Mill Creek campground, so I thought I'd go check it out. All the facilities looked like they were brand new. The bridge led to a 11km walking track. Not for this little black duck though.

Then it was on to the ferry for my second ferry crossing of the day. I was just in time too and I boarded just before they closed the gate.

I had a bit of a look around the park along the river front before moving on to the pub for a counterlunch and beer. I just about had the place to myself.

Monday lunch special $15 for fish and chips washed down with a pint. Happy days.


  1. Cold, my arse! Been riding to work most days. 8 degrees is normal (both ends of the day) and have had ice warnings on a few mornings. Not much rain though. Haven't had an RDO since I said good riddance to shift work 😊. Great that you and ya mates could make the most of day...

    1. It's been 2°C here the last 2 mornings, it was about 8 by the time I started riding. Yeah thats cold enough for me when out all day riding.

  2. Replies
    1. Didn't use em, was road only ride.

    2. Nice bro! That 6th photo down is a pearler! Was it just a phone photo? As for the Parks and facilities, I have noticed that many NSW National Parks have all new toilets and BBQ equipment. Makes for great camping.

    3. Yeah just took my phone out for pics today. Yeah all the tables at the camp ground had brand new wood tops and bench seats and the toilet facilities also looked brand new. Would be a nice camp spot.