Monday, January 22, 2024

Southern Highlands Ride

Geoff suggested a quick road ride to the Southern Highlands. Count me in, so we met at the Servo on the M4 at 10am and set off soon afterwards. We took the back roads to the Oaks and down to Mittagong avoiding the highway via Thirlmere,

We took the range road out the back of Mittagong, the road has recently been resurfaced and was in good shape. It's an awesomely scenic ride through rolling hillsides with hedge & tree alleys and rockwall fences.

Range Road

At the end we took a left turn instead of the usual right and went further along on the tourist road which comes out at the top of Macquarie Pass. We turned left at Robertson Pie shop and headed down Jamberoo Mountain Road, which was a good scenic bit of road.

Top of Macquarie Pass

We went through Albion Park which was going to be the lunch stop but I said to Geoff I know a nice little pub up past Robinson, he said "lead the way". So we tuned back up Macquarie Pass. There are a lot of new housing estates built out the road to MP.  We got a great run up the pass with almost a car free run. It's fantastic surface hot mixed all the way. The new AX41 tyre was handling this very well, tipping in quickly and effortlessly and easily held the line. 

We took the road into Burrawang and stopped at the Burrawang Hotel. Not the cheapest place but quite nice, they have a beautiful outdoor beer garden area but it was quite cool out today at 18°C so we ate indoors. They do an awesome hamburger, which was washed down with an ice cold beer.

Read this next bit in a David Attenborough voice. 
"Here we have a rare photo of the crimson nosed beer guzzler in his native habitat".

We returned back home via the same roads through Thirlmere, we stopped in for a quick beer at the Wallacia Hotel. A short but enjoyable ride out with the boys. Good ending to my holidays.


  1. good scenery around there i recon

  2. Sounds a nice ride Steve, I miss being able to do some day rides, nearest curves are far away from me, one of the negatives living up here that I weigh up from time to time.

    1. There are plenty of close day rides around Sydney. Some really good ones and a few average ones. Best to do a weekday ride, weekends on these roads can be a bit busy.