Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Sydney West Riders - SMSP

 I got the opportunity last weekend to photograph the Sydney West Riders at St George motorcycle clubs PIRELLI MOTUL SERIES & NSWRRC Round 2. They had 3 riders out on track, Simone Boldini, Carl Kitson and Bryan Bolster.

Simone Boldrini

Bryan Bolster

Carl Kitson

Wayne maxwell was also setting a blistering pace out on track breaking the outright lap record for SMSP of 1:29.727.

Must credit Wayne as well for pulling out on the second last lap of the race to let the club regulars get the points they need for their championship so that Wayne isn't the deciding factor in someone winning and losing in their class because he took points away from them. He's not a club regular and it shows his true class as a rider.


  1. Holy smoke, that is some low flying!! And on a "superbike"??!!
    I just looked up the 500cc GP lap record from the last GP that was held at Eastern Creek in 1996 - 500cc Grand Prix Alex Criville (Esp)
    Honda NSR 500 1:30.360 20-Oct-96

    1. Yep faster than those mad 500 Gp bikes. I looked that up too. Pretty good for a road bike in race trim

  2. top fotos !.....maxwell is very talented.

  3. Valentino Rossi won the last 500cc World Championship for Honda in 2001

  4. Imagine how much those bikes are. I don't want to know!