Monday, September 9, 2019


So a while back I got a call that my package was ready to be picked up.  Yay.

I managed to pick it up one day during the week when I was out of the office. You would have already seen some photo's on the blog of this, well not directly but in-directly. So what was the package you ask......

I decided that I would buy my first piece of fast glass, a F2.8 Lens for my camera. After watching many online reviews and forums reviews I decided on a new Tamron 70-200mm F2.8 VC G2.

Why did I choose a Tamron lense over a Nikon lense? This choice was based on several factors.

  1. Price - The Tamron was Half the price of the Nikon equivalent.
  2. Use - The 70-200mm can be used for a variety of reasons, portraits, landscape and sport.
To be honest, number 1 was the priority as I'm not a pro photographer making money from it, I'm still a beginner hack.. I would have never paid $3500 for a Nikon F2.8 lense. 

The bokeh that this lense can produce is fantastic compared to my standard kit lense. Bokeh is the softening of the background in images when focused on your main subject or as it's more commonly known as depth of field. The 70-200mm zoom on my D7500 which is a crop sensor camera(APSC) makes this lense an equivalent Full frame(FF) camera zoom of 105mm - 300mm. Nikon crop factor is 1.5 where as canon has 1.6. Crop sensor cameras are cheaper to buy and lenses for those are also cheaper, however most manufacturers cater to the Full frame market for lenses. Best to buy a half decent camera and then spend the rest on glass(lenses). 

In saying that I find that this lense is a bit short for taking photos at the track so I need to crop the images as it doesn't quite have the reach required. I'm also finding the opposite in normal situations and that the lense can be too long at the short end in normal shoot situations such as the bike on the side of the road for example. I'll probably need a 24-70mm for those a bit later on.

Here is an image I took with this lense at Sydney Motorsport park in June. Turn 3 about 20m from the track.

The image above is very sharp. Here is that very same image below cropped at more than 50%. Still very sharp but for track pics I'll still need to use the 70-300mm as it has that extra bit of reach.

Maybe a bit later I can try a 400mm or a 600mm lense but the 300mm on the crop body gives me an effective 450mm FF equivalent and I'm pretty happy with it so far.

Here are some other random images I've taken recently with the 70-200mm in and around Sydney. All of these are unedited except the photo of the walls of the Blue mountains.
The Rocks - Sydney

International Passenger Terminal - Circular Quay Sydney

Harbour Bridge Pylon - Sydney

Georgy Netball Gala day

Wentworth Falls - Blue Mountains




R1 at Sackville Ferry

I'm super happy with the Tamnron 70-200mm F2.8 G2. Its super fast focusing and the images have been sharp. I don't really have any negatives to say about it except to say it seems to attract dust on the lense easier than my Nikon lenses for some reason. Otherwise its a fantastic bit of kit.


  1. Err, I thought you said the lens blurred the image? I think you need to smear vasoline over one of those photos.....

  2. I done't understoodd halvf da wordz but I likee nice piccies...

    1. We know english isn't your first language.....

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Kofla, now there's no excuses for taking poor photo's.

  4. That's some serious glass Steve. Very nice.
    I'm struggling with the Canon G1XM3. Have not taken a decent photo with it to be honest.
    It's not the camera obviously just my lack of talent, but then in a round about way it is if I can never make the jump from the Lumix cameras.

    1. That's an interesting camera you have Warren. It has ASPC sensor and 24 MP which is 3 more than my DSLR. Fixed lense though, the compromise needed for blogging by motorcycle. Your pics look good by the way. Are you struggling with settings or do you shoot in Auto and does it shoot Raw?