Friday, February 1, 2019

The Best of 2018 Picture Challenge

Fellow blogger Sonja has issued a blog challenge to all bloggers out there to post up there favourite photos from 2018 in certain themes.  For some reason this took me a lot longer than I thought it would and I really struggled with some of these.

Other links in the challenge

So here we go.....

In the City - Sydney Harbour Bridge from Observatory Hill showing some of the older buildings below in the Rocks area.

In the Countryside - From the city above to my hometown where I grew up Forbes in central western NSW, it doesn't get any more country than this.

By the Water - The mirror smooth waters of the Derwent River, Tasmania.

Something Red - I really struggled with this one.....

People - A good bunch of mates at Phillip Island WSBK 2018. Good times and many laughs.

Animals - I thought I was done with this one until I remembered we took the kids to the Zoo in the Hunter Valley mid year where I snapped this little Kookaburra.

Plants - Again another one where I thought I was going to fail this challenge but realised whilst in the Hunter we went to Hunter Valley Gardens. There were plenty of plants there....

Something Unusual - Not being a huge outdoors person this was a little unusual for us. During december we visited the NSW snowy mountains region for a week where the whole family climbed Australia's highest mountain, Mt Kosciusko at 2228m. It's more of a hill than a mountain if you compare it with any other major peak from any other continent. Still, with a 13km round trip walking with 2 small whinging children to contend with it was a moment I'll never forget.

Something Funny - When Geoff's zipper broke on his jacket on the way back from tasmania he came up with this as the fix. No Geoff, just No.

Best Photo of the Year - 2018 MotoGP. I took so many good pics to choose from, but something about this pic and this guy still going at 40 and competitive with guys in their 20's. Love him or loath him he does photograph well.


  1. About time fella. That one of the Doctor is mint alright!

    1. Yeah, yeah. It was harder than I thought it would be. Cheers bud, he does photograph well doesn't he. Wonder if he will retire at the end of this year?

  2. I like your “Red” photo. Hopefully I can make it along on that ride this year.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to play Love the red themed pic, I presume you struggled with it due to the advice to take it slow ;-)

    1. Hi Sonja
      No it was meant as a joke. With a red bike it wasn't going to be difficult at all to find a photo with something red in it. I see what you meant about the Slow down and owning an R1 but in Aus if you speed more than 30kmh over the limit you lose you license so it not worth it really.

  4. Yep, the red-themed photo is my absolute favourite too Steve but the Rossi photo is pretty darned fine - well done on that for sure! Also loved the family shot on Mt Kosciusko summit. A big well-done to the kids!

    1. The kids went pretty well, seeing that I bribed them with chocolates, musly bars, fruit and we had lunch on the summit all made it bearable. The kids didn't start whining until about halfway which was really surprising to me.

  5. Great photos Steve! You got a lot packed into 2018, may 2019 be even better.

    1. HI Brandy
      Good to see you again. We missed you from the blogosphere most of last year but we know you had more important things to do.
      2018 wasn't as busy as I would have liked riding wish but I did take over 23000 images, mostly at the track. This year is looking like a slow start as well.