Sunday, September 2, 2018

Best of Nino Pallavinci 2016 - Craziest Motorbiker at the Nürburgring No...


  1. I dunno. All I see is another selfish motorcycle rider who puts his safety/life into the hands of other track users, then bitches at them when they (not surprisingly) almost kill him. I must be getting old as I am not at all impressed.

    1. He is one crazy fast mofo, yes it was his fault, slow moving car on the race line, car should have moved over for quicker vehicles but that happens in the real world. Riding at this track at those speeds with cars is doomed for trouble in my book. Should give the bike guys a time slot so they are not on track with the cars would solve this. Still he is one fast rider. This was me in my 20's....