Sunday, January 5, 2014

First ride of 2014 and a whitewash

Today we took a short ride to Wisemans Ferry for lunch at the pub. It was a quick 150km jaunt and a quick catch up after Christmas. There were quite a few bikes out today as it was quite warm. After lunch we headed around river road towards Lower Portland and caught up with the Portland Ferry for the trip across.
Wisemans Ferry Pub
I love the sand stone rock formations along this section of road. They are scattered all the way along if your going slow enough to look at them all. It was getting pretty hot along this section so I ended up riding with my jacket unzipped to cool down somewhat.
Sandstone Cliffs

Sporting Geoff

River Road Lower Portland

Portland Ferry

 By the time we stopped for the Sackville Ferry and waited for it to cross the river our black seats had become bum burning hot. I never noticed that before as I usually ride in my full leather suit. I think it was about 30°C today and I just wore my jacket and boots.

It wasn't long before we arrived back at the toonie for a quick beer and watch the end of the Ashes. I must say England crumbled under the pressure of our bowling attack and we smashed them into the dust the last 5 wickets went within an hour. The Poms got a severe 5-0 shellacking that they rightly deserved. It was magic watching them fall apart.


  1. Try wearing pants so that your bum doesn't get burnt...and Geoff isn't put off his lunch! ;)

  2. A great ride in the sunshine with beautiful scenery. A nice start to 2014.

    Good thing you don't have a gel seat. I've heart they get blistering hot in the sun even compared to a regular black seat.

    1. Thought I'd get a ride in for our snow bound Oregon buddies way up there in the -1000° cold and foggy conditions.

  3. never been to wisemans ferry but supposed to be going thru there next month on the way to a rally so will check that area out

    1. There's some good riding up there thats for sure. It may not be the smoothest or widest road but they are fun on the bike.