Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Anti Bikie Laws - So this is Queensland

For those non Australian readers your probably unaware that in Queensland Australia the newly elected Government has with the medias blessing introduced laws which the media bleet out to anyone who will listen as "ANTI BIKIE LAWS". Apparently the new anti bikie laws will reduce crime by 40% if you listen to the media, by making anyone that is in the 1% patch club a criminal. I'm no rocket scientist but I'm fairly sure not every person in a motorcycle social club is a criminal. But new laws in QLD say that they are and that 3 or more people in that said club can't congregate together otherwise they are breaking the law - possibly with a mandatory 3 year gaol(jail) term. What a F*cking load of shit.

These laws are really disguised as anti association laws banned people from meeting together. If the government suddenly decided that members of the catholic church, muslims or the local shooting club were dangerous then you could be stopped from congregating together or be gaoled. The police now have rights to detain and search you for no apparent reason other than they think you may be a member of a bikie gang. There needs to be no proof other than what they think. Very dangerous territory. This shit happened back in WW2 with the Nazi's and we all know how that ended.

These laws are across the board and affect everyone riding a motorcycle in Queensland. Recreational bikers have been targeted, Ulysses members, Vietnam Veterans and every day riders like you and me. Apparently cops can't tell the difference between a sports biker or a 1% Harley rider.

I saw this on the Internet and its F*cking hilarious.

Don't think the police will harass bike riders with these new laws think again. Watch this video and tell me this guy isn't being harassed. Does it require 5-6 cops to talk to one biker who is co-operating with them even though he clearly doesn't  like them. Can't say I blame him really.

 To top it off the officer asks him why he's wearing a vest on a hot 30°C day. You f'ing stupid bitch. I ride on 35°C+ days in a full leather outfit. Its something called safety you f'ing half wit.


  1. I've heard a bit about this on other blogs and I can't help but shake my head. It isn't hard to tell the difference between a motorcycle enthusiast and a 1% 'biker'. Just an excuse to single people out.

    They tried to pass laws in some States over here that they could make motorcycle only checkpoints (road blocks). That didn't go over well either.

    1. It was easy for then to spot OMG because they used to wear their colours, now they can't so they can't identify them anymore so they pull everyone over now. Look up stupid in the dictionary and there will be a picture of Campbell Newman there.

      Motorcycle only check points. Yeah cause we are all bad ass law breakers.....Yeah right.

  2. Steve:

    we have a less annoying problem here where they stop ONLY motorcycles for license checks (many don't have endorsements(, and also check for loud mufflers and whether you are wearing a certified DOT or SNELL helmet. Bikes are also checked for "modifications", but not cars

    They don't stop cars for license or muffler checks.

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Looks like if I wanted to move then Canada is out of the question to. Is everyone cracking down on motorcyclists?

  3. Haven't had the bike out of the shed since these came in. I have heard of "normal" riders being strip searched to look for tattoos by the side of the road. The Tribe Of Judah christian bike club were stopped on their toy run before christmas and didn't make it to the pre arranged charity drop of point- leaving a heap of disappointed kids waiting. Makes me embarrassed to be an Australian living in Queensland(note-definitely not a Queenslander!)

    1. What a fuggin joke. Queensland needs to change their logo to the Nazi State.
      Queensland is an embassament.

  4. Love that top video, gonna share that one round if ya dont mind.

    Had seen the second one before .. it's a weird one, I kinda feel for the cops but like everyone else wonder why there are so many of them. These people are doing their jobs, and I do wonder how many of them feel about the laws and the crappy stuff they are being forced to do. i thought exactly the same thing about the vest, I also thought it was interesting that they mention the patch and ask what kind of club it is .. haven't they also banned the wearing of colors? If he was big bad bikkie would he really be wearing colors? They really think that people are stupid dont they.

    The really bad thing about it all is that the public is listening and believing everything the media is putting out there about this, I work in a place that collects donations of life saving blood for people who are in need, so in the eyes of the people that I intereact with every day I'm a good person. I'm a small, gentle person who also happens to ride a bike that looks very much like a Harley to most people (I've had people ask if that's my Harley parked outside) so I get some mixed reactions from people when I talk about whats happening in Queensland, they start out with the whole 'but all bikkies are evil and deserve to be locked up for life ' thing then they look at me and most say ..'oh but they aren't like that' .. my point exactly ...