Thursday, February 16, 2012


I have just been on a short weekend holiday with the family to the Gold Coast. On Sunday we took a drive down into the northern NSW ranges. After leaving Bangalow we headed up to Byron Bay where we spotted a few bikes, turning down into some back roads through the hills. We headed up to Murwillumbah from the main highway. This was a very twisty piece of road that flowed up over some very steep hills for about 30 kms or so. Will have to come up here one day on the bike.

After getting to Murwillumbah we headed out to Uki on my brothers advise to hit the pub up for lunch. Just before we got to Uki the heavens opened up and dumped a huge amount of water in a short period of time. As we travelled down the main street of Uki we came across about 15 bikes parked out the front of the general store with the riders sheltering out of the rain in front of the store. One poor bloke on a 1198 ducati came riding through in full leathers absolutely drenched.

It looked like a MV augusta club outside the general store, counting 2 F4's and 2 brutale's. I liked the look of these brutales. Pretty smick looking bikes. We got in a little bit late for lunch so we stopped for ice creams instead.
Uki main street

Funny enough we went into the general store to buy ice creams for the family and the general store owner must have mistaken me for joe average non biker as i was with the family and his comment was "Damn bikers are scaring away all my customers."

I look at him and say "nah mate they are pretty harmless they won't bother anyone, their just sheltering from the rain" 

He gave me a bit of a funny look like 'Hey why are you not agreeing with me about these lowly scum bag bikies." Not sure if he noticed I had a Philip Island MotoGP Cap on or not then he says" Yeah your probably right"

I left happy with my ice cream and knowing that he had slightly changed his perception.

After this we went for a look up Mt Warning National Park. When we got to the top it was just starting to rain again and a lightning storm was passing over which scared the bejesus out of little Georgia so we kept going.

Georgia crapping herself at the thunder!


  1. Nice to get away for the weekend. It sounds great so far rain included. Although I can imagine Georgia could have done without the thunder. It made for a cute pic though.

    Good of you to try and change the perception of the store owner. They don't realize without all our gear on we look like like anyone else.

  2. Yeah she was shaking like a leaf. lol

    Yep the guy had not thought at all about the type of bikers that was on his doors step. They were not an outlaw motorcycle gang just some sportsbikers and tourers, spending money on drinks etc are they also not customers?

  3. Actually the operator of the Uki General Store is a top bloke - in fact, the whole family are very well respected and highly regarded by the Uki community. I've never noticed the slightest hint of prejudice and I"d be most surprized if he has an attitude against bike riders. Having said that, Uki is sometimes visited by bikers who roar through the village and of course, they are they ones with attitude, not us.